How to AirPlay NFL Sunday Ticket to TV?

AirPlay NFL Sunday Ticket: Many people will be searching for ways to watch their favorite NFL games if they are an NFL follower. Also, some NFL fans wish to watch some exclusive and special games other than regular games televised on TV.

In that way, you might have come across NFL Sunday Ticket Premium which shows exclusive Sunday NFL games. However, this streaming platform needs a subscription that is available only on particular streaming apps.

Watching the content of NFL Sunday Ticket on a bigger screen is better than watching it on your phone or iPad. So, continue reading this article to learn the procedure to AirPlay NFL Sunday Ticket to TV.

Can I AirPlay NFL Sunday Ticket?

Yes, you can AirPlay NFL Sunday Ticket as the streaming platform shows the game supports the feature. To know the entire steps to AirPlay the Sunday Ticket, refer to the next section of this article.

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How to AirPlay NFL Sunday Ticket to TV?

First, you should know the streaming availability of the NFL Sunday Ticket before getting into the procedure. Accordingly, YouTube and YouTube TV are the streaming platforms that stream the Sunday Ticket games.

The essential thing is that you have subscribed to NFL Sunday Ticket through any of the above apps. For example, we shall learn the steps to use the YouTube app to AirPlay Sunday Ticket to TV.

AirPlay NFL Sunday Ticket
How to AirPlay NFL Sunday Ticket to TV?

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Step 1:

Initially, power on your Apple TV device or AirPlay-enabled Smart TVs.

Step 2:

Next, make sure that your AirPlay device is connected to the same internet source as your iPhone or iPad.

Step 3:

Now, take your iPhone go to the app store, and search for the YouTube app to install it.

Step 4:

After that, open the YouTube app and sign into the app using your account details.

Step 5:

Then, go to your Profile section and select NFL Sunday Ticket from the Standalone subscription option.

Step 6:

Further, subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket and play any content on your iPhone.

Step 7:

While playing the Sunday Ticket video, click on the AirPlay option available at the bottom of the video.

Step 8:

Make sure that your AirPlay device is available to connect and choose your AirPlay-enabled TV device name on your iPhone.

Step 9:

At last, the same Sunday Ticket content you play on your phone will start displaying on your AirPlay-enabled TV.

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Finally, we are in the concluding session of this guide after going through the procedure to AirPlay the Sunday Ticket games. Hope these steps helped you in accessing the Sunday Ticket content on a bigger screen. Thus make use of this guide to learn the simple steps to AirPlay and enjoy watching your desired Sunday Ticket games on your TV.

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