KissManga Alternatives: Top 5 Sites to Read Manga Online for Free

We love to be entertained by watching our favorites in the streaming apps & TV, playing games, reading books, and so on. Our topic of the day is manga. Manga is nothing but comics and cartoons. People always want to get their favorite stuff within their hands. There are various manga sites and apps available to access manga. You may have heard the term KissManga. KissManga was a manga platform where you can get access to manga online. We are here to help you to know the best alternatives to KissManga.

What is KissManga?

KissManga was an online platform to get manga online. It was the best and the most used manga site by manga lovers. It provided over 10,000 comics. KissManga provided manga in several categories like horror, sci-fi, romance, fantasy, and much more. KissManga regularly updated a lot of manga for the users. It was free to use. But the KissManga site ceased on the 14th of August 2020 along with its sister platform KissAnime due to security and piracy issues. But the shutdown of KissManga made the manga lovers feel bad as it was one of the best sites in providing comics series.

Top 5 KissManga Alternative Sites to Read Manga Online

As previously stated, KissManga’s end made the KissManga users and the comics fans feel bad. But there are a lot of sites like KissManga available.  And we’ll provide the best alternatives to KissManga in this article. The alternatives are as follows.

  • MangaPark
  • Manga Reader
  • Manga Updates
  • Mangakakalot
  • Manga Plus


The first alternative to KissManga in our list is MangaPark. MangaPark is an online site to get access to manga online at no cost. MangaPark allows its users to get comics series in English and this feature made a large number of audiences use the MangaPark service. The genres available in MangaPark are Sci-fi, Romance, School life, Horror, Supernatural, Adventure, Historical, and many more. It allows the users to switch between the light and dark theme for their convenience. Users can upload their comics to a larger audience. And the features list goes long.

Manga Reader

Kissmanga Alternative

The Manga Reader is another platform for accessing manga. It’s also a free site. Manga Reader has a large content library that includes Manga Comics, Hentai Games, and Anime Series. The Manga Reader platform also comes with a feature where one can upload their manga comics. And they can also get reviews from the other Manga Reader users. And the users of Manga Reader can get the HD viewing experience for all the content.

Manga Updates

The Manga Updates service is another alternative to KissManga that’s given in our list. Registration is a must to use the Manga Updates service. Without registering for an account in Manga Updates, you won’t have access to it. The Manga Updates service supports the mobile version. It allows the users to upload manga comics and know the feedback about their comics. The Manga Updates service is being updated regularly with new releases. The Manga Updates service allows users to get into the discussions, polls and can get the latest news on manga and so on.


Kissmanga Alternatives

The Mangakakalot platform is one of the best alternatives to KissManga. It gives users access to the huge content library of manga comics. Mangakakalot is regularly updated with new high-quality images and releases. The simple user interface of Mangakakalot makes people use it more. Users can have access to HD content and they can comment on manga, take part in the voting, and so on. Mangakakalot is also free to access.

Manga Plus

Kissmanga Alternatives

Manga Plus is one of the KissManga alternatives. The Manga Plus service offers its content in English and Spanish languages. And this feature made the Manga Plus site to be more popular. And there will be new Japanese releases in a week. The Manga Plus platform allows people to know more about the new releases like providing the schedule for every new release. And this site is also more popular for its friendly user interface.

Final Words

People love comics and cartoons. Even though KissManga is gone, there are a lot of alternatives to it available. And we have picked the best ones for your convenience to choose one among them. We hope that you’ve got the best alternative to KissManga in this article. Thanks for reading.

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