How to Change Gmail Password on Android and iPhone? [Updated Guide 2022]

How to Change Gmail Password

Google account used for accessing all the Google products such as YouTube, Google Play Services, Gmail, and all other Google products and services. So changing the Gmail account password in a regular iteration will make all your belongings in Google safe. And here you’ll get the steps to change and reset Gmail password on Android … Read more

How to Change Yahoo Password on Android in 2022? [Updated]

Change Yahoo Password on Android

We give passwords to most of all our stuff. Some people often give the same password to multiple ones. That’s not safe. It may be easy to keep in mind but not safe. So make your passwords different to make your personal information safe. You may want to change your current password or reset the … Read more

How to Change your Facebook Password in 2022? [Updated Post]

Change Password on Facebook

Change your password in a regular cycle of time to make your account safe. You need the password to access your account in which it is given. Create your password a unique one which should consist of symbols, lower case, upper case letters mixed. Let’s see how to change or reset the Facebook password from … Read more

How to Change Discord Password in 2022? [Updated Guide]

Change Discord Password

Discord is the platform where you can chat and enjoy yourself with your friends and communities. Discord is now available in 27 languages. It was initially launched on 13 May 2015 and stably launched on 15 September 2020. Discord can harmoniously work on Android and iOS phones, Desktops such as Windows, Linux, and Mac, and … Read more