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How to Watch CNN Plus on PS4 in 2023? [Updated January]

You are the greatest project you will ever work on; this article is our best response to your search on CNN Plus service on your PS4 console. By reading this article, you can get away to get install and watch the CNN Plus service on your PS4 console, use it up.

Fast Details

  • You can access this CNN Plus streaming platform through the CNN app via the PlayStation Store of the PS4 gaming console.
  • We have explained the step-by-step instructions for this trick.
  • And also, you can utilize the second trick to remote play the CNN Plus platform from your Phone to your Smart TV screen.

An intro about CNN Plus

CNN Plus service is basically an OTT streaming service, and it gives you the whole package of new elements of entertainment. With this CNN Plus service, you can have the best experience to watch any online video content on your Smart devices through CNN Plus.

Here, this CNN Plus has many inbuilt elements such as news headlines, live news streaming service, CNN Plus’s original series, a lot more interactive elements on CNN Plus. Then this CNN Plus service charges $5.99 for a month for its subscription; then, it will reach you on 2022’s March and wait for the package of entertainment on CNN Plus. There is a 50% offer on actual price of subscription, if do subscribe at the first 4 weeks of CNN Plus launch.

How to Watch CNN+ on PS4?

CNN+ service can be accessible on the CNN app through the PS4 console and use these tricks to get the CNN+ service on the PS4 console; they are

  1. Download and Install CNN+ on PS4 console
  2. Cast CNN+ on PS4 console through Smart Phone

By utilizing these tricks, you can get the CNN+ service on your PS4 console.

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Trick1: Download and Install CNN+ on PS4 console

Through this first trick, you can get download and install the CNN+ on the PS4 if CNN Plus via CNN app is obtainable on its app store.

Step1: As a foremost thing, you should fuse up your PS4 console with Smart TV and link it up with a power socket.

Step2: Next thing, you should combine up your PS4 console with Smart TV to a high-speed supply of internet source.

Step3: After that, you should get forward into the Main menu from the Home Dashboard of the PS4 console.

Step4: Now, head over to the PlayStation Store to penetrate into the Apps Section and move into the All Apps section.

CNN+ on PS4

Step5: Use the search function to insert the app name of CNN on the on-screen keyboard of the PS4 console.

Step6: Afterwards, you should choose up the CNN app from the results and click on the install option.

Step7: Initiate to install the CNN app on your PS4 console and pick up the CNN+ tab and do the login rituals with your details of CNN Plus.

Step8: At the end, you can now use up the CNN+ on your PS4 with the help of the PlayStation Store.

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Trick2: Cast CNN+ on PS4 console through Smart Phone

Through this second trick, you can get Cast CNN+ on PS4 through Smart Phone, if CNN Plus is not obtainable on its app store.

Step1: Firstly, you have to amalgamate your PS4 console and Smart Phone to the same speed source of Wi-Fi network.

Step2: Secondarily, head to the settings tab to get into the Remote Play Connection Settings to turn on Remote Play.

Step3: Furthermore, get into the settings field again to lead into Account management to Activate your PS4 as primary.

CNN+ on PS4

Step4: After that, again get into settings to get into the power settings tab to set your PS4 on Available on Rest Mode.

Step5: Now, select the checkboxes which Stay connected to the internet and Enable Turning on PS4 from Network.

CNN Plus on PS4

Step6: Then, you have to enter into the incorporated store of your Phone to install the PS Remote Play app.

CNN Plus on PS4

Step7: Afterwards, enter into the PS Remote Play app to do the login process with your PS4 console’s details.

Step8: Then, you should again get into your Phone’s app store to search for and install the CNN app.

Step9: Navigate into the CNN application and click on the CNN+ tile to do the login process with the details of CNN Plus.

Step10: Get back to the PS Remote Play app and link it up with your PS4 console; now, you can watch your Phone’s screen on PS4’s screen.

Step11: At last, you can now stream the CNN+ on your PS4 console with the help of your Smart Phone.

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Hence, we are getting into the Wind-up section of our today’s article about the CNN+ service on your PS4 console. This write-up will be useful for those who’re all want to watch the CNN+ on your PS4 console. Therefore, we thank you for your arrival on this article CNN+ on PS4, and this will be an advantageous thing to you all.