How to Watch CNN Plus on Roku?

Spend your time with wise things; let’s begin our today’s wise write-up about CNN Plus on Roku streaming device.

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How to Watch CNN+ on a Roku Streaming Device?

You can get access to the CNN+ add-on through the CNN application on the Roku streaming device.

Then there’s no particular app for CNN Plus. And use this trick to get the CNN+ service on the Roku streaming device.

CNN+ on Roku
How to Watch CNN Plus on Roku?

CNN+ service is available on the Roku Channel Store via the CNN app of the Roku streaming device.

You can give a try to get this CNN+ service on your Roku streaming device using these steps.

Step1: As a first thing, you should bind up your Roku device to your Smart TV’s HDMI port and power it up.

Step2: Second thing, you should combine your Roku device with Smart TV to a speed source of internet connection.

Step3: Third thing, you should penetrate the Roku Channel Store from the Roku Home interface to get the CNN+ app.

Step4: After getting into the Roku Channel Store, use the search icon. Then, insert the CNN app name on the search function.

Step5: Furthermore, start the search process for CNN and pick it out from the search results of Roku.

Step6: Now, get into the CNN application’s interface. And choose the Add to Channel tab to add it on the Roku app’s section.

Step7: Moreover, click on the Go to Channel option to penetrate into the CNN+ add-on via the CNN channel on your Roku device.

Step8: Hence, you can do the sign-in process for CNN+ with its credentials. And watch the CNN+ on the Roku streaming device.

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Last Words

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Then this CNN Plus is a new and great pick to watch the premium video content on your Roku streaming device.

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