How to download apps on RCA Smart TV?

Make a happy life; here we have made a write-up to make you happy about having a guide to download any apps on your RCA Smart TV.

This RCA Smart TV is one of the best smart TV devices that use the WebOS Smart Platform.

Meanwhile, this RCA Smart TV is popular for its streaming simplicity and it has a huge more famous streaming application on its incorporated app store.

That can be Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, and more.

Considering, that this RCA smart TV is available on both Smart TV and non-Smart TV then, you can buy it as an RCA Smart TV and RCA Roku TV.

Then it has Screen mirroring/Miracast, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more features available on RCA Smart TV.

By using this write-up, you can have the right instructions and information to know about how to download apps on your RCA Smart TV.

Can we download apps on RCA Smart TV?

Yes, of course. You can download and install a lot more apps on your RCA Smart TV.

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How to download apps on RCA Smart TV?

Step1: First of all, switch on and set up a vital internet source for your RCA Smart TV.

Step2: Then, you should get in on to the Home screen of the RCA Smart TV.

Step3: After that click on the Home key on your remote control and navigate to the Apps field.

Step4: Likewise, you should get into the Store tab and enter into the browse apps section.

Step5: Moreover, you’ve to search for any app that you want to download on your RCA TV.

Step6: Enter that app name on the search field (EX: Netflix) and pick out Netflix from the search results.

Step7: Now, tap on your download tab to install Netflix on your RCA Smart TV.

Step8: And so, open the Netflix app and insert its credentials then start to watch its contents on your RCA Smart TV.

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How to Add a channel (app) on RCA Roku TV?

Step1: Ab Initio, switch on and set up a vital internet source to your RCA Roku TV.

Step2: Now, lead into the RCA Roku TV’s Home and click on the Add channel tab on the Home apps section.

Step3: After that, choose the search channels tab and enter your required app name (EX: SHOW TIME) on the search field.

Step4: Meanwhile, pick out the SHOW TIME from the results and click the Add channel then Go to the channel.

Step5: Moreover, insert the credentials of SHOW TIME on its login page and go through its video contents.

Step6: Henceforth, start to watch the SHOW TIME content on your RCA Roku TV.

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