How to Turn on Toshiba TV without Remote Control?

How to turn on Toshiba TV without remote – For each home, Purchasing a TV is an essential one today. Choosing a good Smart TV is not an easy task.

Toshiba is one of the popular Smart TVs that offers the user a wide range of entertainment. It comes up with three different models of smart TV LED, UHD, and OLED.

Toshiba TV users can enjoy Movies, TV shows, Live TV, Browsing the Web, Social Media, Video Chats, and plenty of apps. The users can get the best viewing experience on Toshiba TV.

One thing that is common on every Smart TV, is the Remote Controller. Remote Control takes full control of your smart TV.

If your Toshiba TV’s remote is missing or lost access, don’t worry there is an alternative way to turn on your TV.

Every television has the ability to switch on your TV without the use of a remote. Let’s see How to Turn on Toshiba TV without Remote Control in this article.

How to Turn on Toshiba TV without Remote Control?

Turn on Toshiba TV without Remote Control

Method 1- Using Power Button

Step1: Just walk over to your Toshiba TV

Step2: Look for the Power Button. In most TVs, The power button is located at the bottom panel. In some flat-panel televisions, The power button is located at the bottom or top of the TV.

Step3: Press the power button for a few seconds and release it. Your Toshiba TV will Turn ON.

If you are not able to find the Power Button on your TV, go through the below steps

Step1: Read the television manual of Toshiba TV that came with your Toshiba TV.

Step2: Some models of Toshiba TV have a visible touch power button. It is located in the middle of the lower Panel.

Step3: Check all the sides of your TV fully and press it.

Method 2-  Using Toshiba TV remote controller app

Smartphone users can also turn it on using the ToshibaTV remote controller app. Both Android and iOS users can use the ToshibaTV remote controller app.

If you already paired your TV with the remote controller app, you can easily turn it on. It works on all the Toshiba TVs.

With the help of infrared signals from the phone, you can turn on your TV. Along with that, you can use a lot of features like volume control, channel changing, settings, etc…

Final Thoughts

We have given two easy ways to Turn on Toshiba TV without the remote. It is difficult to use for more options like Internet Connection, Alexa, Voice assistant, and more without a remote.

So, buy a new remote or replace it. if it is not working or lost.

If you have any doubts about this article, let us know in the below comment section. we will help you. Thank you…

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