How to Watch UFC on ABC? [Updated 2022]

Happiness is a key to having inner peace; this article is a key to having the best response to your search on UFC events on ABC streaming service. By using this article’s method, you can easily get to know about how to watch UFC on ABC with the help of certain streaming services and applications.

A quick view on UFC

This UFC is a popular fighting game as all known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Then this UFC game was based on the mixed martial arts game, and it is ahead to head game. And this UFC game is very interesting for those who are all attracted to the fighting game stuff.

With the UFC events, you can watch all the nail-biting situations, highlights, behind-the-scenes, of-screen events, and a lot more interesting stuff that will be shared on UFC. So you can watch all the fun elements through ESPN Plus, and you can also use the other streaming services that have ESPN Plus in them. Therefore, the cost of an ESPN Plus subscription is $6.99/month and $69.99/month, and other streaming services are shared below.

How to Watch UFC on ABC?

These UFC events are obtainable on certain applications and streaming services, so you can use the following methods for UFC events on ABC, they are

  1. UFC on Smart TV via ABC on streaming services.
  2. Screencast UFC’s contents on ABC via ESPN app on Smart Phone
  3. Stream UFC on ABC via Streaming Devices

These methods will help you to get UFC content on the ABC streaming service.

Method1: UFC on Smart TV via ABC on Streaming Services

Through this first method to get UFC on Smart TV through ABC streaming service. The streaming services which has UFC are ESPN Plus and ESPN Plus is available on some streaming services are Fubo TV, Sling TV, Hulu+ Live TV, YouTube TV, and others.

Step1: Primarily, you’ve to associate your Smart TV to the Power socket and fuse it with high-speed internet.

Step2: Secondarily, you should enter into the Home Dashboard of your Smart TV and navigate to the inbuilt app store.

How to watch UFC on ABC

Step3: Furthermore, you should pop on the search tab to enter any of the above-given streaming services (EX: YouTube TV).

Step4: After inserting the YouTube TV app on the search field and choose up the YouTube TV app from the results.

Step5: Proceed to install the YouTube TV and enter into that app to do the login process, then head channels list.

How to watch UFC on ABC

Step6: Choose up your ABC channel on the YouTube TV app and pick out the UFC event; watch it on your TV.

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Method2: Screencast UFC’s Contents on ABC via ESPN app on Smart Phone

Through this second method to get Screencast UFC’s contents on ABC through ESPN app on Smart Phone.

Step1: Initially, you should link up your Smart Phone and TV to the same Wi-Fi source.

Step2: Then, you should navigate to the default app store of your phone and look for the ESPN app.

Step3: After that, you’ve to select up your ESPN app from the results and install it to your Phone’s app section.

Step4: Furthermore, you should do the login process with the credentials of your account and choose up the ABC channel on it.

Step5: Likewise, head to ABC Channel on ESPN to single out the UFC event video content on that screen.

Step6: Start to play the UFC event and click on the Cast icon or AirPlay icon on the video screen or Settings option, or else control center.

Step7: Now initiate to bind up your Phone and your Smart TV by selecting its name on the nearby devices list.

Step8: At last, you can start to watch UFC on your Smart TV with the help of ABC on ESPN through Smart Phone.

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Method3: Stream UFC on ABC via Streaming Devices

Through this third method to get Stream UFC on ABC through streaming devices. The streaming devices which provide UFC on ABC through ESPN Plus app are Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and others.

Step1: As an initial thing, bound up your Smart TV and streaming device (EX: Roku) through the HDMI cable.

Step2: Next thing, switch on your TV with Roku and fuse it up with a high-speed internet connection.

Step3: Moreover, you should move forward into the Roku Channel Store and pop on the search tile on that screen.


Step4: Then, you should write the ESPN app name on the search field and pick it out from the results.

Step5: Enter into the ESPN app’s interface to click on the Add channel tab; after adding it, click on Go to Channel.


Step6: Now, you can get into the ESPN app and use the details to do the login process, then navigate into its Channels list.

Step7: At the end, get into the ABC Channel and choose up the UFC event, then watch it on your TV.

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Final Words

Here we are heading to wind up this article about UFC contents on ABC streaming service with the help of some specific streaming services, applications, and streaming devices. I hope this article turns out to be an advantageous one to you all about UFC on ABC. Hence, we felt obliged to receive your virtual visit on this article UFC contents on ABC streaming service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will UFC be on ABC?

Yes, you can watch the UFC events on the ABC streaming service with the help of the ESPN Plus application. Make sure to read the aforementioned article about UFC content on ABC streaming service.

What Channel will UFC be on tonight?

You can watch the UFC on your Smart TV or Smart Phone with the help of ESPN Plus. Therefore, UFC will be available on the ESPN Plus channel tonight.

Is ABC UFC free?

You can pay to watch the UFC event on the ABC streaming service, but you can use the free trial period of fuboTV to get the ABC UFC free of cost.

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