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How to Watch Hulu Live on Samsung Smart TV?

And today’s write-up is about a very famous streaming service. It is so famous that almost everybody who uses a streaming service will know about it and might have even tried it. We are going to enumerate about Hulu and stuff related to it. But being more specific, we will seek the different ways to watch the Hulu App Live on Samsung Smart TV irrespective of whatever the model of TV is.

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Speed Details

  • This Hulu application is supported in the Samsung Smart Television.
  • Meanwhile, you can install this Hulu app from the incorporated app store of your Samsung Television.
  • Then, we have also noted the essential instructions to activate this Hulu app on your available Smart TV with the assistance of external devices such as Smart Phone, PC, or desktop.
  • If you are using the old model Samsung Smart TV means this Hulu app cannot be there.
  • For this case, you can utilize the Google Chromecast dongle along with your TV to screen share the Hulu app from your Smart Phone.
  • Moreover, also use streaming devices such as Fire TV, Apple TV, Google TV, Android TV, Roku, and others with your TV to get this Hulu app.
  • Therefore, apply all the steps to get watch the exclusive shows of the Hulu app on your Smart TV.

About Hulu

Hulu is one of the well-known over-the-top streaming services. It serves under Walt Disney and Comcast. To ponder upon the streaming library of Hulu, we can come to know about its Originals, classic shows, TV shows, Series, news, sports, and movies. From the list itself, we can know that everybody can definitely have things to watch on Hulu. Above all it provides a personalized TV experience, FX Originals, up to 6 user profiles, you can also add premium networks. These features seem amazing. And the Hulu app compatibility with various devices is also appreciable.

Cost of Hulu

Hulu services can be acquired with the help of the following subscription plans:

BASIC: comes with ads

  • Hulu plan costs $5.99/month and $59.99/year
  • Hulu + Live TV costs $64.99/month

PREMIUM: streams without ads

  • Hulu plans costs $11.99/month
  • Hulu + Live TV costs $70.99/month

The subscription plan cost can get hiked after a month, says Hulu. So, visit the official Hulu site and go ahead with the choice of the Hulu plan.

How to Watch Hulu Live on Samsung Smart TV?

The Hulu app is a well-known streaming service. As a result, it is supported on various range of devices. Of course, Samsung Smart TV is one of them. The Hulu app is supported on Samsung Smart TVs in later models.

Tricks to Add Hulu App on Samsung Smart TV

Step1: The first step is to give power connection and then internet connectivity to your Samsung Smart TV.

Step2: Start by pressing the Smart Hub button which will be available on your Samsung Smart TV’s remote.

Step3: This will direct you to the Smart Hub.

Step4: Now go for the Apps section.

Step5: By making use of the Search feature, locate the Hulu App.

Hulu live on Samsung Smart TV

Step6: Choose the Hulu App and further install it on your Samsung Smart TV.

Hulu live on Samsung Smart TV

Step7: Choose the live TV section in the Hulu App, select the channel and watch it.

Note: You can use the Streaming devices as above said with your Samsung Smart TV using a solid internet source. Meanwhile, search for the Hulu app on your Streaming device app store and install it. Therefore, start to use and watch the Hulu app on your Smart TV.

Tricks to Activate Hulu App on Samsung Smart TV

As the installation of an app, the activation of an app is an inevitable process. In this section, let us concentrate on the activation process of the Hulu App on Samsung Smart TV.

Step1: Go to the Hulu App on your Samsung Smart TV.

Which you have added with the help of the above-mentioned section.

Step2: Sign in with your existing Hulu account credentials or Sign up for one.

Hulu App on Samsung Smart TV

Step3: Continue further by options for activation using Computer.

Step4: Now move to your PC and open the Web browser of your choice.

Step5: Use the following link to go to the activation site of Hulu:

Step6: Now Sign in with your Hulu account credentials which you used on your Samsung Smart TV.

Step7: Now you can see the activation code that is generated on your PC screen.

Hulu App on Samsung Smart TV

Step8: Type the activation code on your Samsung Smart TV.

Step9: This activates the Hulu App on your Samsung Smart TV, which means that it is time for some fun with Hulu streaming.

How to install Hulu App on Samsung TVs of older models?

Nowadays, people have started to opt for Smart TVs by getting rid of their old TVs. But, few people love their old TV sets. For the older models of Samsung TVs, the users can abide by the following steps to add the Hulu App:

Step1: Associate your Samsung TV with a power source as well as to internet connection.

Step2: On your TV remote, you have to press the internet@TV button.

Step3: Then you have to click the Content View.

Step4: Then you will have to tap the Internet TV.

Step5: And locate the search feature.

Step6: Make use of it to search the Hulu App.

Step7: And then install the Hulu App.

Step8: Launch the Hulu App, log in and start streaming it on your Samsung TVs of older models.

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To conclude, Hulu is the go-to option for most people due to its affordable cost and a vast kind of streaming library. And in this write-up, we have discussed different methods to add Hulu on Samsung TVs based on their models. But even then if you have issues in adding the Hulu App, you people can definitely opt for screen sharing which is an efficient way as well. Hoping to reach you again with exciting content. Thank you for reading.