Ignite TV App on Firestick: How to Install and Watch

As we all know, there is a wide range of streaming apps to watch movies and shows. Even apps to watch live TV. This combination of live TV, originals, movies, and shows can be accessed with the help of Ignite TV. This article will elaborate on Ignite TV and also the ways to add Ignite TV App on Firestick.

Quick Answers

  • Presently, this Ignite TV app is not available on the Amazon App Store of this Firestick device.
  • After considering this fact, you need to sideload this Ignite TV app using the following third-party installer apps
  • Such apps are Apps2Fire using Android Phones, Downloader, and ES – File Explorer app.
  • Mainly, you should enable the apps from an unknown source and the ADB Debugging option on the Developer option on the Fire device settings.
  • Meanwhile, you can also screen mirror or cast this Ignite TV app from your Phone to your TV screen.
  • Hence, follow the mentioned instructions to install and watch the Ignite TV app contents on your Fire device.

About Ignite TV

Ignite TV is a service that streams movies, shows, music, entertainment. It is offered by Rogers Communications Inc. Ignite TV not only streams the shows or movies but also offers live TV service.

You get access to almost all on-demand video content. And streaming downloaded content is pretty much simple. You have access to a wider streaming library to choose what you want to watch. And the finest one is the usage of Ignite TV on the go ie, watch it anywhere and at any time.

Cost of Ignite TV

Following are the TV Plans offered to watch Ignite TV:

  • Crave costs $9.95/month
  • Movies pack costs $28.95/month
  • Crave + Movies + HBO costs $19.95/month
  • Crave + Movies + HBO withSTARZ costs $23.95/month
  • Movie Lovers Package costs $35/month
  • Internet Bundle costs $29

You can add Channels and Theme packs according to your wish.

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Guide to Install Ignite TV App on Firestick

The Ignite TV app is not available on the AppStore of Amazon. Due to this, the user should opt for other alternative ways.  Follow the article to know more about the alternative methods.

Ignite TV App on Firestick
Ignite TV App on Firestick: How to Install and Watch?
  • Via Apps2Fire
  • Using Downloader App
  • Using ES File Explorer App

You have to follow a set of prerequisites before going ahead:

#1: Connect your Firestick to your TV.

#2: Navigate to Firestick Settings.

#3: Here opt for the My FireTV option.

#4: Click the Developer option.

#5: Enable Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging by turning it on.

Steps to install Ignite TV App on Firestick via Apps2Fire

Step1: Download and install the Ignite TV app on your Android Smartphone from the Google PlayStore or Ignite TV official website.

Step2: Download and install the Apps2Fire app from Google PlayStore.

Step3: Launch your Firestick and go to Settings.

Step4: Now, choose System and then the About option.

Step5: In the Network section you will see your Firestick IP address. Take note of it.

Ignite TV App on Firestick

Step6: Open the Apps2Fire and go to the Setup section.

Ignite TV App on Firestick

Step7: Here you have to enter your Firestick IP address.

Ignite TV App on Firestick

Step8: Now, Open the Local section.

Step9: Navigate to Ignite TV app and press the install button.

Step10: This installs Ignite TV on Firestick.

Step11: After launching, click open the Ignite TV and start streaming.

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Steps to install Ignite TV App on Firestick Using Downloader app

To add Downloader App on Firestick:

#1: Launch your Firestick and establish Wi-Fi connectivity.

#2: From your Firestick home screen head to the Search bar.

Ignite TV App on Firestick

#3: Search for the Downloader app.

Ignite TV App on Firestick

#4: In the suggestions list, click the Downloader App and tap the Get button.

Ignite TV App on Firestick

#5: After installing the Downloader app, click open the app.

#6: Now tap OK in the Javascript Enabled notification.

Step1: Open the Downloader app and go to the Browser tab.

Step2: You will see the URL space, here you have to enter the Ignite TV apk link from a reliable site.

Ignite TV App on Firestick

Step3: Then click the Go option.

Step4: This will download the apk file of Ignite TV.

Step5: Then open the downloaded file and tap install.

Step6: After installation, start streaming Ignite TV on Firestick.

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Step to install Ignite TV App on Firestick Using ES File Explorer app

To add ES File Explorer app on Firestick:

#1:Connect your Firestick to your TV and ensure Wi-Fi connectivity.

#2: Go to the Search bar from your Firestick home screen.

Ignite TV App on Firestick

#3: Here Type in and search the ES File Explorer App.

Ignite TV App on Firestick

#4: From the results, click and install the ES File Explorer App.

Ignite TV App on Firestick

Step1: Open the ES File Explorer app.

Step2: Opt for the Tools section.

Step3: Click Download manager and tap the +New option.

Ignite TV App on Firestick

Step4: In the path field, add the link of Ignite TV apk from a secured site.

Step5: In the name field, name it as Ignite TV and click the Download button.

Ignite TV App on Firestick

Step6: This will download the Ignite TV apk file. Then, open the file and tap install.

Step7: In the next screen, Again tap the install button.

Step8: This will add Ignite TV to your Firestick. And then have happy streaming!

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, you can also go for the Screen Mirroring method on your Firestick to watch Ignite TV.

Final Words

To end, hoping that this is the end of your search for ways to watch Ignite TV on Firestick. As Rogers Communication states, you will have your world of entertainment at your command with Ignite TV. Thank you for reading.

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