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How to Fix ITV Hub Not Working on Firestick? [2022]

The meaning of happiness relies on finding the importance of peace. Peace comes out of solving problems. So here comes an article that gives you peace by providing methods to solve ITV Hub Not Working on Firestick. Seemingly, ITV Hub is one of the favorite apps for many people in streaming entertainment content.

What if ITV Hub stops working on your Firestick? Well, it’s not a matter to worry about. Indeed, the below article will give you a simple guide to solve and fix ITV Hub Not Working on Firestick issue.

What is ITV Hub?

Let’s get introduced to ITV Hub in this section. In simple words, ITV Hub is an online streaming service in Great Britain. Seemingly, it is a one-stop destination to watch all the famous live TV and on-demand content. Moreover, it is an online streaming destination for existing ITV subscribers.

Meanwhile, the ITV shows are available on various platforms like cable, IPTV, online, and mobile. You can also watch ITV shows on PC via the ITV website. Here you can explore and watch content on various categories. In addition, you can also get exclusive programming to various sports, for example, FIFA World Cup.

Indeed, ITV is the home to popular content like Innocent, Murder in Provence, The Long Call, All American, The Real Housewives, Angela Black, and much more. To talk about subscriptions, ITV includes both free and paid plans.

Seemingly, you can watch limited content with ads using the free plan. On the other hand, you can watch unlimited content by subscribing to the premium plan. Indeed the premium plan costs £3.99/month and £39.99/year.

Further, the ITV Hub app is compatible with installation on various devices, including Samsung smart TV, PS3, Sony Bravia, Xbox, Android, iOS, and streaming services.

Why is ITV Hub Not Working on Firestick?

There may be various reasons why the ITV Hub stops working on your Firestick. Firstly, the ITV Hub app is not available to install on Firestick. But you can sideload the respective app on your device. Indeed, the sideloading process or maybe some other technical glitches on your Fire TV Stick may cause the issue. But you can solve this issue with some simple steps.

How to Fix ITV Hub Not Working on Firestick?

Here we mention the simple guide to solve and fix the ITV Hub Not Working on Firestick issue. The error or issue may either be with the ITV Hub app or with the streaming device itself. So, follow the below-given steps carefully to resolve the ITV Hub Not Working issue without any hassle.

Tap this On ITV Hub on Firestick

#1. Verify Internet Connection

As we know, ITV Hub is an online streaming service that requires high-speed internet to load content. The respective app stops working or won’t load when your device lacks an internet connection. So, verify whether your Fire TV Stick is connected to an active internet connection to resolve the issue. Indeed, you can verify the internet connectivity on your device by navigating to Settings –> System Settings –> Network. If the process goes well, you can enjoy watching your favorite ITV Hub programs without any hassle.

#2. Clear Cached Data

Secondly, the ITV Hub app may stop working due to technical glitches on your device. Indeed, various reasons stand for technical glitches, primarily the cached data. Seemingly, cached data are the temporary data stored on your Firestick. Moreover, storage of excess cached data may turn into bugs and cause various issues on your device. In such a case, the only solution to fix the issue is clearing the cached data on your Fire TV Stick.

  • Turn On your Firestick and navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Click on the Apps section.
  • Choose the ITV Hub app.
  • Press the Clear Cache option.
  • Now, open the ITV HUB app and check whether the issue is resolved.

#3. Restart your Firestick

Thirdly, you can try restarting your Fire TV Stick. At times, technical glitches on the device may corrupt the hardware. In that case, too, the ITV Hub app may not work on your Firestick. At this point, restarting your device will clear the glitches blocking the device functionality.

Initially, go to the startup menu on your Fire TV Stick.

Then, choose the Restart option.

Finally, hit the Restart button to complete the process.

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#4. Uninstall and Reinstall the ITV Hub app

The next step you can try is reinstalling the ITV Hub app. Seemingly, the ITV HUB app on your device may be outdated. An outdated or older version of the ITV app may find it difficult to run on your Firestick. In such a case, uninstalling and reinstalling the app will help you to solve the respective issue.

Initially, navigate to the Apps section on your Firestick.

Choose and uninstall the existing ITV Hub app.

Then, use the Downloader or ES File Explorer app to install ITV Hub on your Firestick.

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#5. Update your Firestick

Is the ITV Hub app not working even after reinstalling the app? Then, the problem may be with your Firestick. Seemingly, your Firestick may be running on outdated software. If so, updating your Firestick will help you solve the ITV Hub Not Working on Firestick issue. Here are the steps to update your Fire TV Stick.

  • Initially, Power On your device and go to Settings.
  • Then, navigate to My Fire TV–> About –> Check for Updates.
  • Now click on the Install Update option to update your Firestick to the latest version.

#6. Reset your Fire TV Stick

The final option that you can try is resetting the device itself. As a result, it will clear all the third-party apps, bugs, and software glitches on your device. So that you can start your fresh streaming from scratch without any issues.

  • Turn On your Firestick device and go to the Settings panel.
  • Choose My Fire TV –> Reset to Factory Defaults.
  • Confirm the selection to initiate and complete the device resetting process.


That’s all to say about the methods to fix the ITV Hub Not Working on Firestick issue. The above article holds a simple guide to resolving the ITV Hub Not Working issue. If nothing helps you with solving the issue, you can go with an alternate method or device to access and watch ITV Hub content. Thank you for choosing our article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to install ITV Hub on Firestick?

No. Unfortunately, the ITV Hub app is not available to install on Firestick. As an alternate option, you can go with the Screen Mirroring method to access and watch ITV Hub on Firestick.

How much is the subscription to ITV Hub?

Seemingly, ITV Hub is a subscription-based service in America. Indeed, the subscription to ITV Hub is $3.99/month and $39.99/year.