How to Install Kodi on Google TV?

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Kodi is a great application that is used to play music, movies, TV Shows, series, and more. Then this Kodi is an open-source streaming network, and it is a free streaming service.

With this Kodi application, you can watch, control, and customize all the elements on your smart devices.

Then this Kodi was owned and developed by Kodi and XBMC Foundation, an award-winning open-source platform.

Therefore, you can use this Kodi on Smart TV, as a Media center, Media Player software, Home theatre, Digital Video recorder, and more.

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Is there a way to get Kodi on Google TV?

Absolutely, there is a way to get the Kodi‘s application on your Google TV streaming device.

How to Install Kodi on Google TV?

Kodi on Google TV

Step1: For the foremost thing, pair up your Chromecast with Google TV to your Smart TV and to a fast internet source. 

Step2: Then, you’ve to intrude to the Home interface of Google TV and navigate to the search field on Topside.

Step3: The search field will direct you to get the Google Play Store and look for the Kodi app on the search space.

Step4: Initiate installing the Kodi app from the apps and games section and open it to continue to it.

Step5: After that, you’ve to press allow and accept the mandatory prompts to access the media contents on GoogleTV from Kodi.

Step6: Now, you can access all the features and other media on Kodi‘s app Home interface and start to use it on Kodi‘s app on Google TV.

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Here we reached the end session of today’s article Kodi‘s app on Google TV. This application is an excellent choice to watch any media content on your Google TV streaming device.

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