20 Best Microsoft Word Alternatives [Updated]

We use Microsoft Word for word processing to create documents, edit, format, and for various purposes. One of the major flaws noted in Microsoft Word is its easily prone to virus attacks and attracts hackers to infect your device. Being the top-notch word processor Microsoft Word beholds various demerits with it. If you are looking for Microsoft Word Alternatives, you are in the right place. Follow the article to know about some of the better Microsoft Word Alternatives.

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Microsoft Word Alternatives

Let see the 20 Best Microsoft Word Alternatives in 2021.

1. AbiWord

Microsoft Word Alternatives

AbiWord is one of the excelling word processors. It is an open-source word processor. It was launched in the year 1998. AbiWord is available only for Linux. It stands similar to Microsoft Word. It is also compatible with various formats such as MS word, Rich Text Format, OpenOffice.Org, etc…

  • Free to use a word processor
  • It avails both basic features and advanced features of word processing
  • AbiCollab.net lets various users work on a single word document
  • The similar interface of MS Word
  • Import and export files of various formats
  • Grammar checking
  • Multilingual
  • Use plug-ins to get more out of AbiWord.

2. Apache OpenOffice Writer

Microsoft Word Alternatives

Apache OpenOffice Writer in short known as AOO is a succession product of OpenOffice.Org. It is one of the best Microsoft Word Alternatives. It is open-source software. Apache OpenOffice Writer is not just an alternative to MS Word but way more than that. AOO has been loaded with a word processor, spreadsheet, database management, drawing application, formula editor, and a presentation application.

  • Free to use a word processor, spreadsheet, database management, drawing, formula editor, and presentation application.
  • Smaller in size compared to Microsoft Word
  • It supports various formats
  • Loaded with 41 languages
  • It has different fonts

3. Dropbox Paper

Microsoft Word Alternative

Dropbox Paper is often denoted as Paper. It is a document- editing service. It is a service developed by Dropbox in the year 2015. Dropbox Paper is a word processor and collaborative software as well. To use Dropbox Paper, one should have a Dropbox account.

  • Free online word processor
  • Cloud storage to store documents
  • Get access to productivity tools
  • Hassle-free file sharing
  • Get ready with your content with collaboration
  • Teamwork made simple
  • Connect other apps with Dropbox paper
  • Edit through offline as well
  • Share and catch up in one place as a team

4. Etherpad

Microsoft Word Alternative

Etherpad was previously known as EtherPad. It is a famous Microsoft Word Alternative. Etherpad is a web-based real-time editor. It is collaborative software as well. Due to its collaborative feature, one can edit a document and see others editing it in real-time. It was developed in the year 2020.

  • Free to use collaborative real-time editor
  • Topnotch web-based real-time editor
  • No sign up is required
  • Open a Pad (document) and share the link and go ahead with real-time editing
  • Use the Time slider and get the history
  • Protect your pads with a password
  • Import and exports various file formats
  • The most customizable editing application

5. Google Docs

Microsoft Word Alternatives

Google Docs is one of the go-to alternatives for Microsoft Word. It is a web-based platform for word processing. This office suite is offered by Google. Google Docs offers various services such as Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Drawings, Google Sites, and Google Keep. It has a wide range of compatibility with devices: Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and Desktop.

  • Free to use Office suite
  • The business version of G Suite costs $5/user
  • Open, write, edit and collaborate
  • Full-fledged features and various add-on services
  • Access files offline by enabling offline access
  • Add comments and respond to comments
  • Autosave feature whenever you come out of Google Docs

6. Google Workspace

Microsoft Word Alternatives

Google Workspace was previously known as G Suite. In Google Workplace, one can avail of various software and tools such as Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Classroom, Meet, Drive, Forms, Docs, Currents, Chats, etc. This service is developed by Google. It is supported in Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Web.

  • G Suite per user costs:
    • Basic @ $5/month
    • Business @ $10/month
    • Team @ $10/month
    • Enterprise @ $25/month
  • Productivity office suite by Google Cloud
  • The real all-in-all service at one point
  • Collaborate with your team in real-time
  • Open, create, edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets
  • Create websites, forms, surveys, etc.
  • Communicate with your team via audio and video conferencing and a lot more

7. iWork

Microsoft Word Alternatives

iWork is an exclusive Office suite designed for macOS and iOS. It is also available for the iCloud website also. iWork constitutes a word processor, keynote, presentation program, desktop publication, and spreadsheet. Microsoft Office applications cannot access iWork documents. Instead, iWork documents should be imported to Microsoft Office’s compatible formats.

  • Free to access office suite for iOS
  • Real-time collaboration others
  • Basic and advanced tools to customize documents
  • Cinematic quality animations
  • Multi-touch gestures
  • Built-in iCloud feature
  • Apple-designed 70 document templates and 30 Spreadsheet templates

8. Jarte

Microsoft Word Alternative

Jarte is an alternative for Microsoft Word. It is based on the WordPad engine. It offers two services such as Jarte and Jarte plus. Jarte is compatible with both Word and WordPad documents. It has an easy-to-use interface. Jarte is compatible with windows, mac, and web.

  • Free to use services- Jarte and Jarte Plus
  • Beholds essential features and functionalities
  • Compact and mobile word processor
  • Screen Reader mode for visually impaired users
  • Tabbed interface, advanced spell checkers, etc.
  • The reliable and stable editing engine
  • Get into numerous small details

9. LibreOffice

Microsoft Word Alternatives

LibreOffice is a project of The Document Foundation. It is an open-source Office suite. LibreOffice is a combination of the word processor, spreadsheet, diagrams, slideshows, drawings, database management and composes mathematical formulae. It is compatible with Linux, macOS, Android, Windows, and iOS.

  • Free to access all-in-one office suite
  • Compatibility of file formats
  • The user interface of NotebookBar
  • Document signing features
  • Use watermarks in your documents
  • Open, edit and enhance all document types
  • Enhance your documents with media-rich content

10. Microsoft 365 online

Microsoft Word Alternative

Microsoft 365 online is a subscription-based service offered by Microsoft. It is often denoted as Office 365. It constitutes all of the Microsoft Office Software Suite. Microsoft 365 online offers various services such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Sway, Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and various products and services of Microsoft Office.

  • Free to use online with few restrictions
  • $7/user and $10 for 6 users in a family
  • Real-time collaboration on the go at anywhere and anytime
  • Applications are cloud-hosted
  • All-in-one Microsoft Office Suite
  • Communicate and work with workers in real-time editing
  • Easy conversion into PDF format

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11. NeoOffice

Microsoft Word Alternatives

NeoOffice is designed exclusively for the macOS platform. It is a full-featured Office suite. It possesses a word processor, presentation program, graphics program, spreadsheet, and various add-ons. NeoOffice supports various file formats of all the above-mentioned services. One can handle the document and file management needs of mac users with NeoOffice.

  • Pay $15 as a one-time payment and avail of NeoOffice free for a lifetime
  • Cost-efficient office suite
  • Advanced grammar checking, text highlighting features
  • Launch configuration and document locking
  • Open, create and edit documents
  • Safe and secured file editing and more advanced features

12. Office Suite

Microsoft Word Alternative

Office Suite is one of the major cross-platform office suite apps. It was launched by MobiSystems. It tops the list of being a Microsoft Word alternative as it has crossed around 220 million users. Office Suite comprises a Text editor, Mail, Sheets, Slides, and PDF. It is compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, Sony, Amazon, Alcatel, Toshiba, Sharp, and many more.

  • Costs $29.99/year
  • Multi-platform support
  • Easy conversion to PDF
  • Open, create and edit Excel files, Word files, and PowerPoint files
  • Protect your documents with a password
  • Electronic signature feature
  • Hyperlink editing, annotations, and many more advanced features

13. OnlyOffice

Microsoft Word Alternatives

OnlyOffice was previously known as TeamLab. It is one of the better office suite software. OnlyOffice consists of the following: document editor online, document management, corporate communication, project management, and various tools. It features around 25 languages. OnlyOffice is available for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and macOS.

  • The cost of OnlyOffice varies according to the count of active users and it ranges from
    • $40/month to $200/month
    • $72/year to $144/year
  • OnlyOffice tops the list in Collaboration Software, Version Control Systems, Office Software, Productivity Suite Software, and Document Management Software
  • Online office suite, organize various processes of business and tasks
  • Email aggregator
  • A great alternative for mega cloud corporations and what not

14. Polaris Office

Microsoft Word Alternatives

Polaris Office is one of the paid alternatives for MS Word. It is an Office suite developed by Infraware Inc. You can open and edit various file formats of Microsoft Office and also view PDF files. Polaris Office is known for its cloud storage and connected devices access to the files and documents that you upload to one device and view on another device.

  • Polaris Office comes with the following plans:
    • Smart @ $3.99/month
    • Pro @ $5.99/month
    • Business @ $6.99/month
    • Standard @ $240.99
  • Easy conversion to Microsoft Office documents from PDF format
  • Dual user interface
  • Teamwork tools and smart guides
  • More than 300 spreadsheet functions
  • Easy data sorting  and smart data filtering

15. SoftMaker FreeOffice

Microsoft Word Alternatives

SoftMaker FreeOffice is a top-notch fully-featured office suite. It is an all-in-one workspace. SoftMaker FreeOffice includes a word processor, spreadsheets and also comes with presentation software. It serves as one of the best alternatives for MS Word. And also, it gives you the experience of MS Word. It is accessible on Microsoft Office, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

  • Free to access all-in-one Office suite
  • Save documents in various formats
  • Share files to Microsoft office without exporting
  • Avail of all basic templates and features
  • Also, get standard texting formats
  • The process with your files on the go
  • Touch screen optimization

16. ThinkFree Office/ Hancom Office 2020

Microsoft Word Alternative

ThinkFree Office is an office suite written in Java and C++. It owns the fame of being the world’s first web-based Microsoft compatible online office. Its initiation dates back to 2001. As of 2020, it is Hancom Office 2020.

  • ThinkFree Office can be accessed via the following plans:
    • Mobile Personal @ $9.99/year
    • Mobile Business @ $14.99/year
    • Personal @ $19.99/year
    • Business Group @ $29.99/year
    • NEO Home Edition @ $49.99, Enterprise Edition @ $79.99
    • NEO EE Plus Phantom PDF @ $139
  • Cost friendly alternative for Microsoft Office
  • Secure your content with ThinkFree Office
  • Collaborate easily with the help of browser-based editor online
  • Gain different insights with these advanced word processor layouts
  • A large number of productivity tools

17. WordPerfect Office

Microsoft Word Alternatives

WordPerfect Office is one of the word processors in the field since 1972. It has the fame of being the dominant word processor in the 80s and 90s time period. It is available only for Linux distributions and also for Windows, Web. WordPerfect Office’s accessibility features are the best part as it deals with overcoming the difficulties of a person with disabilities in using a word processor.

  • Costs $149.99/user as a one-time purchase
  • The best word processor with a better quality of documents and reports, etc.
  • Use Quattro Pro to avail of advanced spreadsheet features
  • WordPerfect Lightning to avail a vast range of texts and images
  • Microsoft Office compatibility and built-in PDF functionality
  • Major productivity tools and PDF support

18. WPS Office

Microsoft Word Alternatives

WPS Office can be expanded as Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets. It was formerly known as Kingsoft Office. WPS Office is a well-known all-in-one Office suite. It comprises Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet. It is available for both personal and business use with varied features and cost.

  • The personal basic version is free to use
  • The business version costs $9.99 for 3months and $29.99/year
  • Topnotch editing tools
  • Review complex data with built-in functions and features
  • Easy recovery of deleted files
  • Topmost compatible Microsoft Office Suite
  • Advanced features and productivity tools

19. WriteMonkey

Microsoft Word Alternative

WriteMonkey is a distractionless writing place for all. WriteMonkey’s Full-Screen mode enhances creative writing in a person. It is compatible only with Windows. WriteMonkey has better accessibility and keyboard friendly software. The project management tool, repository mode are some of the unique features of WriteMonkey.

  • Free to use a word processor but the user can donate if they wish to do so
  • Full-screen writing and editing
  • Smaller in size and stable to use
  • Portable via USB Storage
  • Easily and totally customizable
  • Bookmarks, Timed writing, advanced statistics

20. Zoho Office Suite

Microsoft Word Alternatives

Zoho Office Suite is one of the top-notch web-based office suites. It offers around 20 free apps for various purposes. It comprises a word processor, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, web conferencing, note-taking, project management, and various services. The true all-in-one office suite service.

  • Free to use for individuals
  • Best collaborative work with Zoho
  • Built-in document editor
  • Automatic backup feature
  • Work even in offline mode
  • Share views and work based on comments
  •  Dark mode and various enhanced features

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To end, Microsoft Word itself a great word processor but due to its large size and various other issues, one opts for the alternatives. The above-mentioned alternatives have something that Microsoft Word has and way more than that. Hope you find this article super useful. Thank you for reading.

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