How to Get and Watch MLB TV App on LG Smart TV?

MLB App on LG TVMLB.TV is an online streaming service to watch MLB (Major League Baseball) games. MLB.TV offers two different plans for $109.99 and $129.99.

You’ll have access to the full content library, Live games, Originals, On-demand content, and so on by subscribing to it. You can choose a team among all or get access to all teams regarding your chosen plan.

MLB.TV is available on major platforms like Smartphones, Smart TVs, Streaming Media Players, Desktops, Game Consoles, Web Browsers, and so on.

We are going to see about getting MLB.TV on a Smart TV. This article will explain to you the steps to get the MLB App on LG Smart TV.

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How to Watch MLB TV App on LG Smart TV?

MLB.TV App is not available on LG Smart TV. So the easy way to get MLB.TV on your LG Smart TV is using the casting or screen mirroring method.

MLB TV App on LG Smart TV
MLB TV App on LG Smart TV How to Get and Watch?

Step1: Load the MLB.TV app and sign in to it on your Smartphone.  

Step2: Couple your Chromecast dongle with your LG Smart TV.

Step3: Turn on the same Wi-Fi network on your Chromecast dongle and Smartphone.

Step4: Go to the Apps section on your Smartphone and click on the MLB.TV app.

Step5: Now touch the Chromecast icon in the MLB.TV app on your Smartphone.

Step6: The available devices list will be shown on your Smartphone screen. Select your Chromecast dongle from the list.

Step7: Then choose the content to cast in MLB.TV on your LG Smart TV. It’ll cast on your Chromecast-connected LG Smart TV.

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Final Words

MLB.TV allows you to watch all the Major League Baseball games on your devices. Even though MLB.TV is incompatible with LG SmartTV, but you can get MLB.TV on it.

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And you know it from our article. We have elaborately explained the steps to get MLB.TV on LG Smart TV and hope that you’ve learned. Thanks for reading.

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