How to Watch Monday Night Football on LG TV?

Monday Night Football on LG TV: This is a very exciting season as every Football fan will be waiting to watch their favorite games. So, you can not miss reading this article as it delivers all the details you need.

Yes, we are speaking about Monday Night Football which is abbreviated as MNF. It is a branding used for NFL games that primarily broadcasts on Monday Nights.

In addition, this game programming gained much popularity among people and was preceded by Monday Night Countdown. Here, we shall discuss the possibility of watching Monday Night Football games on your LG TV.

Is Monday Night Football on LG TV?

Yes, Monday Night Football is available on LG TV as the relevant streaming service that streams the game is available. If you wish to know the respective streaming service and the required procedure, refer to the upcoming portion of this guide.

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How to Watch Monday Night Football on LG TV?

First, we should know the streaming details of the Monday Night Football before getting into the procedure. Accordingly, ESPN holds the streaming rights to broadcast this Monday Night Football after ABC.

So, you can access the games Monday Night Football games on ESPN+ online platform, ESPN, and ESPN2 channels. However, you should have subscribed to ESPN+ which is available on the ESPN app, and the procedure is as follows.

Monday Night Football on LG TV
How to Watch Monday Night Football on LG TV?

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Step 1:

As a first step, switch on your LG Smart TV and provide a stable internet connection to your TV.

Step 2:

Next, be available on the home screen of your LG Smart TV using your LG TV remote control.

Step 3:

After that, you can go to the Apps section to search for the ESPN app or go to the LG Content Store if it is not pre-installed.

Step 4:

Using the search option on the LG Content Store, type the app name ESPN and look for it.

Step 5:

Once you find the ESPN app, install it on your TV and open the app.

Step 6:

Then, sign into the app using your ESPN account credentials or sign up for it if you are new.

Step 7:

Meanwhile, subscribe to ESPN+ using another device and complete the activation process.

Step 8:

After completing the activation process, search for Monday Night Football on ESPN+.

Step 9:

Finally, watch the Monday Night Football games on your LG SmartTV with the help of the ESPN app.

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Hopefully, we are about to conclude this article after going through the steps to watch Monday Night Football on LGTV. Fortunately, ESPN+ which streams the game is available on LG TV making it easier for us.

If your LG TV model does not support ESPN+, you can use the screen mirroring method. Thus, follow the steps properly after subscribing to ESPN+ and enjoy watching your desired MNF games.

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