What Channel is NFL on Cox? [2022-2023 Season]

Marvelous things come from a simple attitude; here is a marvelous write-up with some simple explanations for the channel networks which stream NFL games on Cox. You can now proceed to read through this write-up information about what channel is NFL on Cox TV service.

Info about NFL

Here we going to know about the National Football League which is held in the United States of America. States and regions of the United States of America have participated in this NFL championship. This NFL has two main partitions which are the American and National Football Conference.

Then these two AFC and NFC have four subdivisions which are the East, West, North, and South division. And each division has a minimum of 4 to 6 teams to be played in the NFL. Then each NFL team has its own stadium in its home city or state. As a consequence, you should employ the given channels which stream NFL games on Cox to watch all the games on your TV.

A quick view of Cox

Here is the pile of information about the Cox streaming platform which provides many benefits to its customers. You can add your favorite channel to your featured channel lineup of Cox. Then in this Cox, you can utilize the well-known streaming apps through its subscription bundle.

Above all, this Cox TV service allows us to use the voice-oriented remote control for our handy usage. Then you can have a minimum of 75 to a maximum of 250+ channel counts through the Cox TV service channel lineup. Wherefore, make sure to look down the subscription details of the Cox streaming service.

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On What Channel is NFL on Cox?

Over here, let us open up the purpose of the write-up for what channel NFL games are streaming on the Cox TV service channel lineup. Use the down-given channel network to stream the matches of the NFL championship on your Cox TV service-connected TV.

Streaming service Name: Cox

Channel Name: NFL Network HD

Airing on: 1301

Phoenix, AZ – 301

Fort Smith, AR – 126

San Diego, CA – 332, 387

Holland, MA – 137, 481

Las Vegas, NV – 317

Tulsa, OK – 324

Fairfax, VA – 161, 249

Channel Name: NFL Red Zone

Airing on:

Phoenix, AZ – 299

Fort Smith, AR – 131

San Diego, CA – 334, 386

Holland, MA – 145, 483

Las Vegas, NV – 311

Tulsa, OK – 325

Fairfax, VA – 160, 264

Channel Name: NFL RedZone HD +

Airing on: 1299

Channel Name: NBC HD

Airing on:

Arizona – 12

California – 7

Georgia – 5 (HD)

Virginia – 10 (HD)

Oklahoma – 4 (HD)

Channel Name: ABC

Airing on:

San Diego, CA – 10

Phoenix, AZ – 15, 101

Bolton, Connecticut – 8, 1008

Fort Smith, Arkansas – 7, 2007

Channel Name: CBS HD

Airing on: 1005

Channel Name: FOX Sports 1 HD

Airing on: 1031

Channel Name: ESPN HD

Airing on: 1033

Make sure to try all the top mentioned channels to stream all the matches of the NFL league on your Smart TV with Cox TV service in it. If you didn’t see your city on the above list means you can utilize the customer care number of Cox to know the exact channel code of the specified channel to watch NFL. And so, the customer care number of Cox TV service is +1-800-234-3993.

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Features of Cox

You can add and customize your traditional channel lineup of your own on this Cox streaming platform. Then, you can utilize the DVR storage for 12 months through the subscription bundle of Cox. Meanwhile, if you want to access the streaming apps only, you can use the subscription which costs $5.00/month some apps need separate subscription logins and others can easily be accessed through it. And so, you can use the Contour TV application which supports most of the Smart streaming devices to access the Cox TV service contents.

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Our last note

Here is our last note about this article for what channel is NFL games on your Cox streaming service platform. Make sure to note down all the channel network which streams the NFL games on Cox for future reference. Consequently, we felt much obliged to have your precious minute on this article for what channel is NFL games on Cox’s channel lineup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel number is NFL on?

You can find the NFL Network HD on the Cox streaming service channel lineup. Then the channel number of NFL Network HD is 1301 and use your remote control to enter the channel code.

Is NFL Network free on Cox?

You can get this NFL Network on your Cox cable through its sports basic packages. And there are no extra cost charges is required to access the NFL Network channel on the Cox TV service.

What channel is the NFL Network on Cox Cable Phoenix?

You can get the NFL Network on Cox Cable in Phoenix, CA city. And so, you can use the channel number of NFL Network on Phoenix, AZ – 301 and enter this number to access NFL games.

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