How to Install and Watch Redbox on Apple TV? [Updated]

We knew various ways and platforms to stream movies and TV shows. One such way is to rent them. Redbox is one of the known ways to rent or buy movies and TV shows. It is used and appreciated by many users due to its availability in online and kiosks as well. This article will show you How to Install and watch Redbox on Apple TV.

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What is Redbox?

Redbox Automated Retail LLC is often referred to as Redbox. It is one of the better-known American-based video rental company. Redbox is very much into DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD rentals. Through automated retail kiosks, it offered video games in earlier days. It is located in various public spaces. It was launched in the year 2002. One of the best parts about Redbox is its varied services.
Redbox is available on various devices. To name a few: Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Vizio Smart TV, LG TV, Roku, Mac, Windows, Web browser.

Features of Redbox on Demand

Let us ponder upon some of the features of Redbox:

Pay only for what you watch
No subscription
Rent on Demand or Buy on Demand
Movies and TV Shows
Watch offline
Easy to use
A streamlined way to binge on
Pizza and movie
Watch preview before purchase
Demand Points
Stream on 5 devices simultaneously
Closed captions

And many more features!!

What is the cost of Redbox On Demand?

The price you pay to watch any content on Redbox varies based on various criteria. Let’s get in detail:

Redbox offers a one-day free trial only.

Movie Rentals
Weekly deals cost $1.99
New releases cost $9.99

Buy Movies
Range from $7.99 to $14.99

TV show seasons
Costs between $7.99 to your $29.99
Varies based on the number of episodes

How to Register for Redbox?

You can go ahead with registered
Mail address

You can also use kiosk Sign in
Mobile number
4 digit pin

What are the Services offered by Redbox?

Redbox offers the following services:

Free Live TV
Redbox On Demand
Kiosk design and operation

Is Redbox On Demand available on Apple TV?

The answer is Yes. Redbox is available on Apple TV. But, not on all Apple TV versions, only certain Apple TV can acquire Redbox. Other devices can go ahead with the alternative method.

How to add Redbox On Demand on Apple TV?

This method is applicable only for Apple TV which is compatible with Redbox App

Step1: Insert the Apple TV onto your TV’s HDMI port.

Redbox on Apple TV

Step2: Ensure a safe Wi-Fi connection to the Apple TV.

Step3: Head to the Apple TV home screen.

Step4: Open the AppStore.

Redbox on Apple TV

Step5: Navigate to the Search bar.

Redbox on Apple TV

Step6: Type in as Redbox.

Redbox on Apple TV

Step7: From the search result, click on Redbox.

Redbox on Apple TV

Step8: Go for Get option to download the Redbox App.

Redbox on Apple TV

Step9: After downloading, Open the Redbox App and go ahead by signing in to your account.

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What is the alternative way to stream Redbox On Demand on incompatible Apple TV?

Not all Apple TV avails of Cinemax Redbox. In order to watch Redbox on Apple TV which is not compatible should go for an alternative way. The only way to stream Redbox on Apple TV is via AirPlay. To know more in detail, go ahead with reading the article.

How to AirPlay Redbox On Demand contents to Apple TV via iPhone?

Step1: Provide the same Wi-Fi connection to your Apple TV and iPhone.

Step2: Download and Install the Redbox App on your iPhone.

Step3: Sign in with your Redbox credentials.

Step4: Go to the content you wish to stream.

Step5: You should have purchased the content before streaming it.

Step6: The content starts to stream.

Step7: Locate and click the AirPlay icon in the media player.

Redbox on Apple TV

Step8: Now, choose your Apple TV.

Redbox on Apple TV

Step9: This will stream the content to your TV screen which is connected to your Apple TV.

How to stream titles on Redbox On Demand on Apple TV?

Step1: Launch the Redbox App on your Apple TV.

Step2: Sign in with your Redbox credentials.

Step3: Search for any movie or TV show you wish to stream.

Step4: You have to go ahead with either the Buy On-demand or Rent on Demand option to stream the title.

Step5: Choose your choice of video resolution.

Step6: Go ahead with the payment process. It is charged through iTunes.
The cost varies according to your choice of quality of the title.

Step7: After the payment, you can watch the title you purchased.
You can see your purchased titles on any device which has the same Redbox Account configured.

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How to Rent Movies from Redbox?

There are 2 different ways to rent movies from Redbox. The 2 methods are: Via

Redbox Machine
Redbox Online Services

How to Rent Movies from Redbox via Redbox Machine?

Step1: Head to Redbox’s official website.

Step2: On the homepage, navigate to Browse a location option.

Step3: Go for Search locations and enter your zip code.

Step4: You will see the list of nearby Redbox locations.

Step5: Visit the nearby Redbox location.

Step6: In the Redbox, there will be 3 options such as :
Rent DVD
Online Rental Pickup
Return a DVD

Step7: Choose the Rent DVD option.

Step8: Now you can see the available videos in stock. And click More titles to view other titles in the kiosk.

Step9: Choose the Movie you wish to rent. You can add as many titles as you want.

Step10: Navigate to the check-out option.

Step11: Swipe your credit card on the card swipe.

Step12: Enter the necessary info asked for.

Step13: After the steps, click Enter.

Step14: You will receive the DVD.

Step15: You will return within the time period given.

How to Rent Movies from Redbox via Redbox Online Services?

Step1: Visit the Redbox official website.

Step2: Go to the Redbox homepage.

Step3: Click the Movies option and see the list of Movies available for renting.

Step4: Go for the Hold for Pickup option to reserve the video for pickup.

Step5: Tap Continue.

Step6: Go ahead with the payment process.

Step7: Check out your reserved Movie.

Step8: You can also stream Redbox movies online.

Final Verdict

To end, Redbox can be an option for trying. It may not be described as the must-try option because of its lack in various places such as app restrictions, no game rentals, some titles aren’t available for rent. But it is a good one because of its various other features. Hope you find this article helpful. Thank you for reading.

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