How to Get Roku on LG Smart TV?

Always walk in peace to reach your goal; let’s intrude to our fine article about the process of getting fixed up and using Roku streaming device on your LG Smart TV.

Roku streaming device is one of the popular streaming devices in the United States of America.

Then you can use this Roku streaming device like a Roku streaming stick and streaming player. This Roku streaming device perfectly works with Alexa and Google Assistant, also.

Likewise, this Roku streaming device has a lot more inbuilt features such as endless free TV channels, including 200+ live TV, Roku originals, Kid’s stuff, automatic software updates, and more features.

Through this article, you can have a clear-cut way to find an idea to fix up and use the Roku device on LG Smart TV.

Roku on LG Smart TV
How to Get Roku on LG Smart TV?

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How to Fix up the Roku Streaming Stick on the LG Smart TV?

Step1: Initially, you should check the Roku Streaming Stick’s package whether it has all the components.

Step2: Then connect up your Roku Streaming Stick to your LG Smart TV’s HDMI port which is present on the backside of your TV.

Step3: If HDMI port is not there on your LG Smart TV, connect your Roku’s Stick with an adaptor on your TV.

Step4: Besides, keep your plug of Rokus Streaming Stick with LG Smart TV to a standard power supply.

Step5: Hence, we can now fix up the Roku’s Streaming Stick on your LG Smart TV.

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How to Fix up Roku Streaming Player on LG Smart TV?

Step1: Now, start to unwrap the Roku Streaming Player box and check all the components on that box.

Step2: Here, take the valid batteries put them on your Roku’s remote, and take out the Roku Streaming Player.

Step3: Link your Roku’s Streaming Player’s input HDMI cable to the HDMI port of your LG Smart TV.

Step4: After that, fix up your power plugs of Rokus Streaming Player with LG TV to the power source.

Step5: Therefore, we have completed the fixup process of the Roku’s Streaming Player on LG smart TV.

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How to Stream Roku Streaming device on LG Smart TV?

Step1: Once you’ve done all the fix-up process of LG TV with Roku’s Streaming device, let’s start the setup process.

Step2: Here, you should set a valid source of internet connection to your LG TV with Roku’s Streaming device through the Network Page.

Step3: Proceed to follow all the prompts and enter the code to enable the sign-in process on Roku.

Step4: If you don’t have an account on Roku means, you can create one through the web browser on Roku.

Step5: Then head to your account do the sign-in rituals with your credentials of the Roku device.

Step6: Now, you can use the Roku Channel, and also, you can add any channels which are available on the Roku Channel Store.

Step7: At the end, you can start to use and stream the Roku’s Streaming device on your LG Smart TV.

Last Words

Hereby, we have reached the last section of today’s article about the process to fix and use the Roku device on your LG TV.

Then this article can be a fine response to your search about fixing and using the Roku device on LG TV. Hence, we thank you for your visit to this article using the Rokus device on LG Smart TV.

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