How to Install and Stream ShowBox on LG Smart TV?

ShowBox on LG Smart TV – Today’s write-up will be for the LG Smart TV users. The LG Smart TV is one of the most bought TV used by many people in order to have access to a wider range of services.

ShowBox is a video streaming service that is quite popular. The ShowBox updates you with movies, TV shows, IMDB ratings, trailers, review scores, etc…

Apart from this, it has exclusive features such as night mode, regular updates, a simple interface, etc…

I’m talking about these things because this article will focus on How to watch ShowBox on LG Smart TV.

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Showbox on LG Smart TV
How to Install and Stream ShowBox App on LG Smart TV?

How to Stream ShowBox App on LG Smart TV?

Step1: Go to the Web browser on your Android device.

Step2: Go for any reliable site and search for the ShowBox App apk.

Step3: Then install the ShowBox App on your Android device with the help of the apk file.

Step4: Associate your Android and LG Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step5: On your Android device, scroll to the Notification Panel.

Step6: Here see that you enable the Cast mode.

Step7: Now your Android device will scan for devices to screen mirror.

Step8: In the list choose your LG Smart TV.

Step9: Open the Show Box App on your Android device and watch it on your LG Smart TV.

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To conclude, ShowBox as an online video streaming app is liked by many. But the problem or the flaw with the ShowBox App is its unavailability on a wider range of devices.

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And also we knew that Show Box is incompatible with LG Smart TV. But with the help of the screen mirroring method, the users can make a great watch of ShowBox content on their LG Smart TV.

Hope you find this article useful Thank you for reading.

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