How to Get Showtime App on Vizio Smart TV?

Showtime App on Vizio Smart TV – In the world of reality, you can’t pause, play, resume, or re-watch your needs and wants. But your online streaming platform doesn’t let you down.

In this streaming service, you can pause, play, resume, or re-watch your favorite movies and series.

SHOWTIME is an American-based premium TV network and service. It provides many features and services which include on-demand movies, TV shows, original series, kid’s favorite content, parental controls, single profile features, and so on.

So SHOWTIME is a bundle of a one-stop destination for various video content.

Hereby, we are heading to know about how to watch the SHOWTIME App on Vizio SmartTV.

Is SHOWTIME on Vizio Smart TV?

Right now, SHOWTIME is not accessible on the Vizio Smart TV. But luckily, you can use it with other devices such as Google Cast, AirPlay, and other Streaming devices.

How to Get SHOWTIME on Vizio Smart TV via Google Cast?

Step1: Turn on your Vizio Smart TV and Install the SHOWTIME on your Android phone through App Store or Play Store.

Step2: Connect your Vizio Smart TV and your Android phone with the same internet connection.

Step3: After the installation process of SHOWTIME on your Android phone, Log in to your SHOWTIME subscription account with your SHOWTIME Credentials.

Step4: Then Get into the SHOWTIME App and click on any video content.

Step5: Press the Google Cast Icon then select your Vizio Smart TV and your Android phone screen will be shown on your Vizio Smart TV.

Final Thoughts

SHOWTIME provides the finest streaming quality. The contents of SHOWTIME are an on-demand decent collection of original series, movies, shows, and live channels, and also it includes good titles of all cable channels.

Therefore, Hope this article gives you get an idea about how to watch SHOWTIME on Vizio Smart TV, Thank you for your patience in reading this article.

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