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How to Watch Sky Go on Roku Streaming Device? (Updated October 2022)

Streaming services have become the most familiar entertainment these days. People from all age groups are streaming their favorites on their desired devices. Sky Go is one of those streaming services. Sky Go app compatibility on devices is limited. If you’re thinking about getting Sky Go on a large screen, then we are here to help you. Roku is the most popular device to stream your favorites on apps. In this guide, we are with the procedures to get Sky Go on Roku.

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What is Sky Go?

Sky Group is the founder of Sky Go which was launched to serve the people with their content. Sky TV customers are lucky ones. Because they can access Sky Go for free. Sky Go gives access to Sky Channels of various categories including Movies, Sports, News, Kids Channels, and so on. And the channels are Sky Cinema Family, Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Witness, Sky Nature, Sky History, Sky Documentaries, Sky News, and so on. The Sky Go app is available on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Desktop.

How to Get Sky Go On Roku?

Sky Go can be got on Roku using the screen mirroring method by following any of the below-given procedures. You can’t even sideload Sky Go on Roku, as it doesn’t support sideloading apps.

  1. Cast Sky Go on Roku from Android
  2. Cast Sky Go on Roku from Windows Desktop
  3. Mirroring Sky Go on Roku from iOS
  4. Mirroring Sky Go on Roku from Mac

Obligatory Steps To Do

Certain steps are to be followed before mirroring on Roku.

Settings > System > Screen Mirroring Mode > Prompt

Sky Go on Roku

How To Get Sky Go On Roku From Android?

To get on Roku from Android using the screen mirroring method, get along with the steps.

Step1: Associate your Roku and Android phone to the same Wi-Fi or internet.

Step2: Download Sky Go from the Play Store and log in to it.

Step3: Choose the Screen Mirroring option on your Smartphone after getting into the Notification Panel.

Sky Go on Roku

Step4: Specify your Roku device and your Smartphone screen will display on your Roku.

Sky Go on Roku

Step5: Play any Show, Movie, or Live TV in the app on your Smartphone and it will appear on your Roku device screen.

How To Get Sky Go On Roku From Windows Desktop?

To get on your Roku from iOS using the screen mirroring method, get along with the steps.

Step1: Allow your Roku and Windows Desktop to use the same WiFi.

Step2: Specify the Chrome browser and choose the More options icon on your Windows Desktop.

Sky Go on Roku

Step3: Select the dropdown near the Sources option after choosing the Cast option on your Windows Desktop.

Sky Go on Roku

Step4: You should choose the Cast Desktop option to share the entire screen.

Sky Go on Roku

Step5: All available devices near your Windows Desktop will be shown as a list. Pick your Roku device from the list.

Step6: Your Windows Desktop screen is shared with your Roku.

Step7: Get into Sky Go on your Windows Desktop without closing Chrome and it will be shown on Roku.

How To Get Sky Go On Roku From iOS?

Obligatory Steps To Do

Before mirroring your Apple devices on Roku, do the below given essential steps.

Settings > Apple Airplay and HomeKit > Apple Airplay and HomeKit Settings > Airplay (enable the toggle)

Sky Go on Roku

Step1: After doing the mandatory steps, allow your iOS and Roku to couple with the same Wi-Fi.

Step2: Download the Sky Go app on your iOS and set it up.

Step3: Prefer the Screen Mirroring option after going to the Control Centre on your iOS.

Sky Go on Roku

Step4: After specifying your Roku device from the list, your iOS device is shared with your Roku.

Sky Go on Roku

Step5: Stream your favorites on iOS and it will display on your Roku.

How To Get Sky Go On Roku From Mac?

To mirror from Mac, get along with the steps.

Step1: Do all the mandatory steps.

Step2: Turn on your Mac and Roku, and then couple them with the same Wi-Fi.

Step3: Click on the Airplay icon in the Menu bar on your Mac.

Sky Go on Roku

Step4: Now your Mac screen will display the list of available devices. From that list, choose your Roku device.

Step5: Your Mac screen now appears on your Roku.

Step6: Access Sky Go on your Mac and it will play on your Roku.

How To Install Sky Go On Roku?

You can directly install the Sky Go app on your Roku only if the app is available for Roku. But it’s not available now. It may happen in the future. If it happens, then you can follow the below-given procedure.

Step1: Associate your Roku to the internet.

Step2: Hit the Home button on your Roku remote.

Step3: Get into the Streaming Channels on your Roku.

Step4: Then search for the Sky Go app and select it from the results on your Roku.

Step5: Now choose the Add Channel option and it will install on your Roku.

Step6: Sign in to Sky Go with your credentials on Roku and start streaming.

Final Words

Sky Go is the service to stream Sky Channels and on-demand content online. As said already, it’s free for Sky TV customers. Others should pay for it to access Sky Go. Getting Sky Go on Roku isn’t a tricky one. You have come to know that. Thanks for your patience and for reading our guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Sky Go on Roku?

At the present moment, this Sky-powered Sky Go application is not available on the Roku channelstoreofRoku device. Thus, you can follow the aforesaid procedures to watch the contents of Sky Go on Roku.

What devices support Sky Go?

Considering the Sky Go supported devices such as Google-powered Android 5.1, Apple-powered iOS 12, Apple TV, Amazon, Huawei, and other devices. So, you can have the Sky Go app on such devices.

Can I stream Sky Go on my TV?

As a matter of fact, this Sky Go application supports the casting and airplay features in it. Therefore, you can simply start to stream the Sky Go application contents on your Smart TV screen.

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