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How to Watch Super Bowl on Vizio Smart TV? [Updated]

Everyone will like one or the other kind of sports. In that case, football is something which is liked by the majority of the people. Talking about football, people don’t tend to fail to watch NFL games, so is Super Bowl. As we are aware of the upcoming Super Bowl 57th event, this article will throw light on the ways to live stream Super Bowl LVII (57) on Vizio Smart TV.

Speedy Particulars

  • There is no featured application for the Super Bowl championship event present on the Vizio Smart TV.
  • By considering this reason, you need to use the streaming apps with the broadcasting rights of the Super Bowl championship on them.
  • Such Streaming apps are Youtube TV, Hulu+ Live TV, Peacock TV, CBS All Access, CBS Sports, Paramount Plus, NFL, Amazon Prime, DirecTV Stream, Fubo TV, Sling TV, and others has access to Super Bowl.
  • Then, you can apply the first set of instructions to install and watch the Super Bowl on your Smart TV.
  • If your essential application is not there in your Smart TV apps section means you can simply screencast it using your Smart Phone.
  • And so, make sure to apply all the steps to get watch the live events of the Super Bowl on your Smart TV.

About Super Bowl

Super Bowl is the big game that people talk about. As an annual championship game, it takes place at the end of every season of the NFL. To be more specific, the National Football Conference and American Football Conference competes in the name of the Super Bowl.

The world is going to witness a Super Bowl event for the 57th time in State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on 12th February 2023. Everybody is keen on Super Bowl, as it comes up with the NFL Conference Champions’ Champion. So, it is definitely a nail-biting event.

Talking about the cost to watch Super Bowl, it totally depends on the way you choose to watch it. As it comes with streaming services and live TV coverage. NBC Sports App is going to be the best way because it has got the streaming rights of Super Bowl LVII (57).

How to Watch the Super Bowl LVII game on Vizio Smart TV?

As mentioned above, you cannot make use of the NBC Sports App to watch Super Bowl LVII on Vizio Smart TV because of the app incompatibility. But the best part is that Super Bowl LVII can be streamed on Vizio Smart TV in various ways. The list is given below:

  • YouTube TV
  • Hulu + Live TV
  • Peacock TV

With these streaming services, you can directly stream on Vizio Smart TV. But even there are many other platforms that stream Super Bowl LVII, for that kind of streaming you can use streaming media players or screen mirroring. You can also use the live TV option based on your TV set and geographical zone.

How to Watch Super Bowl on Vizio Smart TV via Streaming Services

Let us make use of the Hulu+Live TV installation on Vizio Smart TV.

Step1: Power on your Vizio Smart TV and connect it to internet connectivity.

Step2: On your Vizio TV remote, locate and click the V button.

Step3: Go with the My Apps tab.

Step4: Here you have to search for the Hulu+Live TV App.

Step5: Further hover over the Hulu+Live App and long-press the OK button to add the Hulu+Live TV App.

Step6: Launch open the Hulu+Live TV App.

Step7: Go to Settings which will be available on the top right corner.

Step8: Go for the Sign in with code option.

Step9: Visit the following site in any other device browser:

Step10: Type in the code you got on your Vizio Smart TV on the browser.

Step11: Continue by tapping Activate button.

Step12: Now you can go ahead with the streaming of Hulu contents on your Vizio Smart TV.

To watch Super Bowl LVII (57), you have to stream it by the evening of 12th February 2023.

Screencast Super Bowl using Smart Phone

You need to install any of the above-said apps on your Smart Phone using App Store or Play Store. Then, finish its login process and go for the Super Bowl streaming page on it. Make sure your Smart TV has an inbuilt cast option or not. If it has the cast option means you can simply cast the Super Bowl events on your Smart TV. If not means you should connect an external Chromecast device to screencast the Super Bowl events on your Smart TV. 


To conclude, Super Bowl LVII (57) is definitely going to be very exciting. And as a Vizio Smart TV user, you can make use of the above-mentioned ways. We recommend you to go through the subscription cost before subscribing to any of the mentioned streaming services and choose the one which suits you the most. Hoping that we have helped you. Thank you for reading.

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