The CW App on Roku: How to Use on Roku Streaming Device [Updated]

This write-up will be very exciting for you people as I myself very excited to write about it. The talk is going to be about a television network. This sounds boring but guesses what? Its features are really awesome. It is all about CW. The television network needs no subscription to stream. Want to know more about CW then, read this article on How to add the CW app on Roku.

CW can be expanded as CBS and Warner Bros. As the abbreviation reveals, it is offered by CBS and Warner Bros. The CW is a US-based television network. Being a television network, it has more points to be loved for. The CW is free to use. The users don’t have to sign up for CW or pay for it. The streaming library is just filled with the latest episodes, seasons, and people’s favorites. The CW streams the latest content on the next day of its airing on the television network. But it is a bit annoying due to commercials. But it is worth the annoying. Read the article fully to know more about the CW.

How to add The CW App on Roku?

The CW is supported on the Roku platforms, which means that you can easily add the CW app to your Roku. Follow the steps given below to know in detail:

The CW App on Roku
The CW App on Roku: How to Use on Roku Streaming Device?

Step1: Firstly, you have to link your Roku player with your TV.

Step2: See that your Roku player is under internet connectivity, if not provide one.

Step3: On your Roku remote click the Home button.

Step4: Then you will see the list of options. Here tap the Search option.

CW App on Roku

Step5: Make use of the onscreen keyboard and type in as CW in the search space and search for CW.

Step6: Choose the CW app from the results list.

CW App on Roku

Step7: Then in the next screen tap the Add channel button.

CW App on Roku

Step8: This will install the CW app on your Roku.

Step9: Then you can open the CW app by tapping the Go to channel button.

CW App on Roku

Step10: This is how you can add the CW app on Roku and start streaming it successfully too.

You don’t have to use your cable/ satellite TV provider info to watch CW on Roku.

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Do we have any alternative ways to stream CW on Roku?

Definitely yes. The CW app is available even on online streaming services. The following list will help you to get CW without adding a new CW on any of your devices. But check that, your media streaming device is compatible with that particular streaming service. The list is as follows:

  • AT&T TV
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • YouTube TV

The above-mentioned services offer CW contents on the basis of your residing region and contents may also vary. So check it out with utmost care before you subscribe for the services if you are just opting for CW.

If not you can even go for Casting the CW app or the streaming services mentioned above to watch it on your TV. You can make use of:

  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV

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Is there any alternative app for CW?

Some of the CW contents can be streamed through the app named as CW Seed. The CW Seed app comes with no sign-up streaming, which implies that it is free to use. Talking about CW Seed, it has around 1k+ hours of entertainment in the form of TV series, movies, etc… With this CW Seed, you can have access to all-time top-rated content at no cost. Also, it is available on almost all media streaming devices. You can check out the CW Seed app as it is free!!

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To conclude, we know that CW is the entertainment package let out by CBS and Warner Bros. Its features are just amazing. Being a television network, it is as good as an online streaming service because of its streaming of on-demand video content. Hope this article talks about all possible means to stream CW on Roku.Thank you for reading.

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