How to Watch TNT on PS4?

A beautiful heart brings a beautiful mind, and this write-up will help your beautiful mind to know about the TNT application contents on your PS4 console.

By the use of this article, you can simply know about the ways to stream the TNT application on your PS4 Console.

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Watch TNT on PS4 through PS Remote Play

Use these underlying steps to watch TNT’s contents from the TNT app on the PS4 console through the PS Remote Play app on a phone.

Step1: Firstly, keep your PS4 console connected to the TV and make sure your PS4 and Phone have the same Wi-Fi.

Step2: Secondly, install the TNT App on your phone, then proceed to install the PS Remote Play also.

Step3: Unfold the PS Remote Play app to insert the details of PS4 on the login screen and get into the TNT app.

Step4: Enter the details to do the login process of TNT, then Head to PS4’s settings to enable the Remote Play.

Step5: Then head to account management from settings and click Activate to activate your PS4 as primary.

Step6: Head to power settings from settings and enable the checkboxes to set up your PS4 on Rest mode.

Step7: Now lead into the PS Remote Play app and fuse it up with your nearby PS4 console.

Step8: Hence, play the TNT’s video on your phone, and that’ll display on your PS4’s screen.

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Therefore, we have finished a fine technique required to get watch the TNT’s contents through its application on your PS4’s console.

Then this article will be an advantageous one to you all about TNT on PS4 console.

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Hence, we concluded this article with a lot more thanks to you for reading this article about TNT on the PS4 console.

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