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Twitch on Firestick: How to Download and Install

Hey folks! Hoping that this article will excite gamers for sure. Today it is all about Twitch. Millions and millions of people opt for Twitch to have live video game streaming. You can avail of it for free or pay for your favorite broadcaster. To know more, follow this article on How to install and activate Twitch on Firestick.

Quick View

  • This Twitch app is available on Fire devices.
  • You can directly install this Twitch app on the Amazon App Store of Fire device.
  • By using the Amazon Website on your external device can help you to add the app to your Fire device. (Which is the Amazon website connects with your Amazon account on a Fire device)
  • Alternatively, you can also use the Amazon Fire Website on your PC or Desktop to find and install Twitch on your Fire device apps section through the Amazon Account.
  • Henceforth, make sure to imply all the available steps to install and use the Twitch app on your Fire device.

About Twitch

Twitch is an American-based streaming service that streams live video games, esports competitions, music, etc. Twitch is an subsidiary. With Twitch, you can avail of multiplayer gaming, live esports, live chat with players. You can even watch the gameplay of other players. It is one of the best game streaming guides too. And you can broadcast your own game too. You can watch unique programming, IRL videos, dark mode for night gaming sessions, and whatnot.

Cost of Twitch

You can have access to Twitch with the following subscription plans.

  • Twitch Turbo membership costs $8.99/month
  • Twitch Prime membership comes with an Amazon Prime membership. And hence, it comes for free with Amazon Prime.
  • Twitch Subscriptions
  1. Tier1 costs $4.99/month
  2. Tier2 costs $9.99/month
  3. Tier3 costs $24.99/month

Each plan has its own features and advantages. Choose the subscription plan wisely after some detailed analysis.

Guide to install Twitch on Firestick

Twitch is an official app of Amazon Appstore. And hence it is a very easy process to add Twitch on Firestick. Follow to know in detail.

Step1: Launch your Firestick with your TV.

Step2: Connect your Firestick to the internet source.

Step3: Get to the Firestick home screen.

Twitch on Firestick

Step4: Go for the Search icon option.

Step5: Type as Twitch and search for it.

Twitch on Firestick

Step6: From the results, click the Twitch app.

Twitch on Firestick

Step7: Now, you have to tap the Download button. This will download the Twitch app.

Twitch on Firestick

Step8: After downloading, open the Twitch app on your Firestick and have fun folks!!

Twitch on Firestick

Guide to install Twitch on Firestick using the Amazon website

Step1: Browse the official website of Amazon on your Smartphone or PC.

Step2: Here you have to Sign in with your Firestick account info.

Step3: Use the search bar and search for the Twitch app. 

Twitch on Firestick

Step4: From the search results, click the Twitch app.

Step5: Here, click the Get button.

Twitch on Firestick

Step6: On the screen, your Firestick device appears.

Step7: Twitch will be installed on your Firestick. Further, you can avail of Twitch on your Firestick under the Apps&Games section.

Steps to activate your Twitch account on Firestick

Step1: Sign in to your Twitch account using your Firestick connected TV.

Step2: Now, browse the following link on Smartphone or PC Web browser:

Twitch on Firestick

Step3: You will see the six-digit activation code on your TV.

Step4: Now, enter that activation code on your Web browser.

Step5: And that’s it. You have set up your Twitch account on your TV. Start streaming and have fun.

Final Words

To end, Twitch is one of the best video game streaming services and much more. Twitch is an all-in-one app that one shouldn’t miss out on. Why to wait, go ahead and add Twitch to your Firestick with the above-mentioned methods and have fun. Thank you for reading.