How to Watch Rakuten Viki on Samsung Smart TV?

Through this article, you can get the handy way and instructions to get Viki on Samsung Smart TV, let’s get started to explore Viki on Samsung TV.

Viki is also known as Rakuten Viki, basically, Viki is an online streaming application. Through this Viki app, you can get Asian TV shows, movies, and series.

With this Viki application, you can have Japanese dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Korean dramas and pops, and more.

The standard subscription plan of Viki costs $4.99/month with a 7-day free trial.

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How to Watch Viki on Samsung TV?

Viki on Samsung TV
How to Watch Rakuten Viki on Samsung Smart TV?

You can follow these below-given steps to screencast Viki on Samsung TV via Smart Phone.

Step1: As a beginning thing, you have to plug up your Samsung TV and merge it with fast Wi-Fi connection.

Step2: Then link up your Smart Phone to the same Wi-Fi connection to your Samsung TV.

Step3: Afterwards, get intrude the incorporated app store on your Smart Phone and look for the Viki app.

Step4: Initiate to get install the Viki app.

Step5: Get into the Viki app and log in with credentials switch to the home page of Viki.

Step6: Click on the cast option. After selecting the cast option, you can choose the Samsung TV to pair it up with a Smart Phone.

Step7: At the end, your Samsung TV starts to mirror your SmartPhone which has Viki on it.

Note: You can also use the Google Chromecast as an intermediary to your Samsung TV and Smart Phone to get Viki on Samsung TV.

Connect your Samsung TV with Google Chromecast through an HDMI port and use an Android or iOS device to cast.

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