How to Fix Vizio Smart TV Won’t Turn ON issue?

Vizio Smart TV won’t turn ON – A fall is a chance to fly; here is an awesome article for an awesome person like you to fix the Vizio TV when it’s not getting turned on.

Considering this Vizio TV is one of the most famous Television brands in the United States of America.

This Vizio TV is popularly known for its budget-friendly price with high picture quality and it gives the high-end quality streaming experience it was brought to you by Vizio Televisions.

Likewise, this Vizio TV provides Free-sync support which gives a better gaming experience. Along with this, Vizio TV has a lot more inbuilt apps, smart cast features, voice controls, and more.

By using this fine write-up, you can get all sorts of techniques to set up the Vizio TV when it won’t turn ON, and make sure to use all the steps.

Techniques to turn ON Vizio TV

Vizio Smart TV Won't Turn ON

You can use these below-presented techniques to fix the errors and turn on the Vizio Smart TV.

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Technique1: Remove batteries of Vizio Remote

Step1: At first, remove the batteries from your Vizio TV’s remote.

Step2: Then, pop on the power button of your Vizio TV’s remote without batteries for 15 seconds.

Step3: Now, set up the batteries and start to turn ON the Vizio TV.

Technique2: Vizio TV – Unplug from the wall

Step1: Unplug the Vizio TV’s power plug from the wall for 60 seconds.

Step2: Then, click on and hold the power button of the Vizio TV for 30 seconds.

Step3: And, again start to turn on the Vizio TV.

Technique3: Power outlet – Check

Step1: Unplug your Vizio TV’s power plug from where you’re plugged in.

Step2: And again try plugging on your Vizio TV’s power plug in the different power outlets.

Step3: Plug up the different devices on the previously plugged power outlet to check whether it is working or not.

Technique4: Input Source – Check

Step1: Initiate to check up the input source settings or plug on your TV whether it is connected required feature accordingly.

Step2: Whether it may be a DVD player or cable box, check the HDMI port whether it same as the TV source and input matches.

Step3: Use your remote or TV button to choose the required input mode.

Technique5: Factory Reset of Vizio TV – Without remote

Step1: Proceed to click on the Volume low key and source key at the same instance and hold.

Step2: After that, the TV screen displays to click on the input key to hold for 10 seconds and do that.

Step3: This will turn off your TV by rebooting it as a factory reset process.

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Technique6: Factory Reset – Vizio TV

Step1: Proceed to click on the Menu key on your Vizio TV remote to choose the system.

Step2: Then pop on the Reset & Admin tab, and click on the Reset TV to Factory Defaults.

Step3: If it is asking for a reset process means to get along with it.

Technique7: Vizio TV’s power cord – Reseat

Step1: Initially, reseat the power cord of the Vizio TV by unplugging it from the power source.

Step2: Wait for 60 seconds and again plug up the power cord of your Vizio TV.

Step3: Now, switch on your Vizio TV through the TV power key, not on the remote.

Technique8: Power supply replacement

Step1: Unplug the Power supply and again plug it in after a few seconds.

Step2: Check whether the stand-by light is ON or not, if it is ON means your TV is all right.

Step3: If not, repair your power source of Vizio TV, and it costs 60 bucks.

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Technique9: Check Vizio TV warranty

Step1: Take your Bill and warranty of your Vizio TV and check whether you have an active warranty or not.

Step2: If it is active means repair it or replace your TV through this Vizio TV’s warranty.

Technique10: Get Customer support for Vizio TV

Step1: Proceed to contact Vizio TV’s customer support help desk or TV technician.

Step2: Explain your problem with your Vizio TV to them.

Step3: Thus, they’ll try to fix up the issues on Vizio TV.

Final Lines

Through this final line passage, you can have all sorts of techniques to get implied to turn on the Vizio Smart TV.

Having this technique will help you get to turn up the Vizio TV when it is not getting turned on.

Therefore, use this post to get an advantage for getting turned on the Vizio TV when it is won’t turn on and your presence gives us happiness.

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