How to Install VLC on Samsung Smart TV?

VLC on Samsung Smart TV: As watching movies and series has become our favorite part of having entertainment, we do this regularly. Sometimes, the video format we downloaded for any video may not support our device and we struggle to play it.

In such cases, we look for a better media player that supports the respective video file format. Accordingly, VLC is a media player that stands for VideoLAN Client and is an open-source, portable, and cross-platform software.

This media player software is available for different operating systems and mobile platforms like Android, iPhone, iPads, etc. In this article, we shall look over the possibility of getting this VLC app on a Samsung Smart TV.

Can I Install VLC on a Samsung Smart TV?

No, you can not install VLC on a Samsung Smart TV as it is not supported on Samsung TV. However, you can access your desired video on your TV through the VLC app using the casting method.

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How to Install VLC on Samsung Smart TV?

Unfortuntely, you can not download and install the VLC app on Samsung TV. We can try another option like casting the video through VLC app on Android phone to your TV.

If your older Samsung TV does not support the casting option, you can use the chromecast device to cast it. Otherwise, you can follow the below steps to cast the VLC app to your new model TV.

VLC on Samsung Smart TV
How to Install VLC on Samsung Smart TV?

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Step 1:

First, ensure that your Samsung TV feature and switch on your TV finishing the Chromecast setup if needed.

Step 2:

Next, make sure that your Samsung TV is paired up with the same internet connection as your Android phone.

Step 3:

After that, take your Smartphone and install the VLC Media Player app using Google PlayStore.

Step 4:

Once the VLC app is installed, open the app and play your desired video on your phone.

Step 5:

Correspondingly, click on the Cast option available on the Playback screen of the media player.

Step 6:

Then, select your Samsung Smart TV device name from the list of devices ready to screen mirror.

Step 7:

Finally, same the video you play on your Android phone through the VLC app will be displayed on your Samsung TV.

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You can click on the Cast icon again once you want to disconnect your device from casting. Also, you can use the Airplay option if you want to use your iPhone to cast the VLC app.


Hopefully, we will finalize this write-up here after discussing the process of getting the VLC app on Samsung TV. Though we ended up with a disappointment, we have seen an alternative way to access the app on your Samsung TV. Thus you can make use of this article and cast the VLC app to your TV to enjoy your favorite videos.

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