What Channel is Catfish Streaming On?

Truth or dare, truth means ever experienced an online relationship? Don’t want to answer this question itself, or else if you choose dare means to read this article fully. Let me start this article with a quick introduction, this article is about Catfish: The TV Show which is a love reality documentary series and it refers to the truth and lies about online dating, can we go through this article about what channel is Catfish: The TV Show is streaming on.

Smart Answers

  • Considering this Catfish which is a famous TV show.
  • Meanwhile, this Catfish TV show streams on MTV Channel.
  • Preferably, you can use the streaming services to access this Catfish TV show through the MTV Channel on your Smart TV.
  • Then, streaming services such as Local Cable Services, YouTube TV, Philo, Sling TV, Fubo TV, AT&T or DirecTV Stream, Vidgo, Hulu+ Live TV, and others.
  • We have noted all the detailed prices and instructions to watch the Catfish TV show through the above-said streaming service on your Smart TV.
  • Hence, start to use the upcoming service to stream the Catfish TV show on your Smart Television.

A quick view about Catfish

Catfish: The TV Show is an American TV series, which explains love online relationships. Catfish: The TV Show comes under the category of reality documentary element genre. Then the picture format of the Catfish: The TV Show is 1080i and 16:9 HDTV and the audio format is stereo and the running time of every episode is 41 to 42 minutes. Then the distributor of Catfish: The TVShow is ViacomCBS Domestic Media Network. Catfish: The TV Show is one of the famous on-going TV shows.

In what Channel Catfish is streaming on?

Catfish TV show is exclusively streaming on MTV cable channel network which is an American-based TV channel. At present moment, the MTV cable channel was owned by the National Amusements Company. This MTV is one of the leading and famous television cable channels. Not only in local cable networks, but MTV is also available on online streaming services which include AT&T U-verse, Spectrum, Cox, DIRECTV, DIRECTV stream, dish, Hulu, XTREAM, optimum, Suddenlink, Verizon, YouTube TV, and so on. The streaming time Catfish TV Show on MTV is every Tuesday at 9:00 PM on the eastern timing system. 

TV Show – Catfish

Channel Name – MTV

What are the ways to watch Catfish TV SHOW?

You can watch Catfish through MTV Channel, here are the ways to get MTV given below.

  1. Local cable services
  2. YouTube TV
  3. Philo
  4. Sling TV
  5. Fubo TV
  6. AT&T’s TV Now
  7. Vidgo
  8. Hulu Live TV

Tips to Stream Catfish through Local cable services

You can use the local cable networks to watch Catfish TV show via the MTV channel. Regarding the charges, it varies with different cable channel networks, better you can check your cable TV provider’s charges list.

Tips to Watch Catfish through YouTube TV

YouTube TV is an online streaming service owned by YouTube.YouTube TV offers us to watch MTV channel on their channels list. It is easily accessible through the YouTube TV’s channel section. The cost of a subscription plan is $64.99/month. You can access YouTube TV through smart devices such as Android and iOS. And YouTube TV is also present in the online streaming devices includes AppleTV, Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, and a lot more.

Tips to Watch Catfish through Philo

Philo is a budget-friendly online streaming service and it provides us to watch all series of MTV networks which includes MTV, MTV2, MTV Classic, MTV Live, and other leading channels accessible on Philo for the lowest charges. Here we think the lowest charges mean how much? Yeah, here is your answer, Philo costs only $25/month with numerous on-demand contents and cloud DVR storage for saving your favorites on Philo. Then it streams the Catfish: The TV Show every Wednesday at 8:00 PM on the eastern Timing system.

Tips to Watch Catfish through Sling TV

Sling TV provides us to MTV channel in it through the Orange and the Blue package plan with Comedy Extra add-on package. MTV is accessible on Sling TV’s base plan packages. Then the cost of a subscription to Sling TV to watch Catfish on MTV is $35/month. Not only MTV channel, but also it offers major fun segments added to your subscription package.

Tips to Watch Catfish through Fubo TV

You can watch Catfish on MTV through the Fubo TV streaming service. Fubo TV is one of the premium online streaming networks, it offers major leading channels over 90+ channels including MTV and it costs $64.99/month. This is a premium subscription package that comes with major features of Fubo TV.

Tips to Watch Catfish through AT&T’s TV Now

AT&T’s TV Now is a Live TV online streaming network, it offers 55,000 titles which include all genres of movies, series, and originals with 20 hours of cloud storage availability. In this AT&T’sTV Now, you can watch the MTV live channel through the Plus subscription plan of AT&T’s TV Now, and it costs $69.99/month with 40+channels and $135/month with 125+channels, make use of this subscription plan to watch Catfish through AT&T’s TV Now.

Tips to Watch Catfish through Vidgo

Vidgo is a new arrival network on the online streaming market, it is a Live TV Spanish and English-based online streaming service. It is also available on Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, Android TV, Android, iOS, search engines, and Chromecast. In Vidgo, MTV is accessible through the Core plan, it costs $55/month with a 7-day free trial.

Tips to Watch Catfish through Hulu Live TV

On Hulu Live TV, you can watch all seasons of Catfish: The TV Show. The subscription cost of Hulu Live TV is $64.99/month with a week of a free trial. Then if you think, Hulu Live TV is costly means you can subscribe to the streaming library of Hulu to watch Catfish: The TV Show, it costs $6.99/month with commercials, if you want to stream without commercials means it costs $12.99/month. Hulu Live TV is one of the best deals among all other streaming services which offers Catfish: The TV Show in it.

Signing Off

Now we reach the exit of this article about what channel is Catfish: The TV Show on. If you’re a fan of Catfish: The TV Show, this article will be fruitful for you to explore it in more ways. Hope this article turns out to be a piece of useful information to who’s all want to know about Catfish: The TV Show. We felt obliged to receive your virtual presence for sparkling minutes on this article about Catfish: The TV Show’s Channel.

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Is Catfish: The TV Show available on online streaming devices?

Certainly, you can watch the Catfish: The TV Show on the above-mentioned way to watch it through online streaming devices.

How many seasons does Catfish: The TV Show has?

Catfish: The TV Show has 8 seasons, these seasons are ongoing through the streaming networks.

How many episodes does Catfish: The TV Show has?

Catfish: The TV Show has 187 episodes streaming on the MTV channel through the streaming services.

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