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What Channel is LSU Game on Dish?

Your mirror is your only competition; here is a one-only source of the post which has the information on getting the availability of LSU team gameplay on your Dish streaming service. With this post, you can have the details about what channel is the LSU tigers game on the Dish TV streaming platform.

Quick Review

  • Considering the LSU Tigers football team which is one of the most important and famous teams in the Southeastern Conference of College Football Sporting events.
  • Then, the LSU Tigers team games are available and accessible on the Dish Network streaming provider.
  • Meanwhile, you need to access the official streaming channels of the LSU Tigers team on the given TV provider channel lineup.
  • Moreover, such channels and their numbers are given below to watch your favorite team games.
  • They are SEC Network channel airs on 404 or 408. ESPN HD channel on 87, 140, 144, or 145, ESPNU channel on 141, and ESPN2 channel on 143.
  • After that, ABC channel on 7, CBS channel on 4, FOX channel on 205 or 11, FOX Sports or FS1 on 150, FS2 on 149, and BTN on 439 or 410.
  • Furthermore, the NBC Sports channel on 159, the CBS Sports channel on 158, and PAC-12 on 406.
  • And so, start to use the top given channels and below said streaming instructions to watch the LSU Tigers team games on your Smart TV.

A short lane about LSU Game

Let us now proceed to know the unknown details of the well-liked College Football team which is named LSU Tigers football team. This LSU Tigers football team is present in the Southeastern Conference of College Football sporting events from the Western Division of Football Bowl Subdivision.

The Home stadium of this LSU Tigers football team is Tiger Stadium. And this LSU Tigers football team has rivalries with Alabama, Tulane, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Florida, Auburn, Texas A&M, and others. The Heisman winners of the LSU Tigers football team are Billy Cannon and Joe Burrow. Thus, let us head to know the way to watch the live games of the LSU Tigers football team.

A glance over Dish

Now, consider the most affordable TV streaming service which is an efficient source media streaming platform. Meanwhile, the subsidiaries of Dish TV service are Sling TV, Echosphere LLC, Boost Mobile, Republic Wireless, Dish Mexico, and others from this Dish streaming platform.

Basically, this Dish streaming service has been founded in the year 1995 in the Colorado of the United States of America. With this Dish, you can have multi sporting channels and services with its solid subscriptions. Preferably, let us have some information on the subscriptions to the Dish platform.

The alpha pack of Dish is America’s Top 120 which has 60+ HD channels and 190 channels and it charges $69.99 per month.

The beta pack of Dish is America’s Top 120+ which has 110+ HD channels and 190+ channels and it charges $84.99 per month.

Then, the gamma pack of Dish is America’s Top 200 which has 125+ HD channels and 240+ channels and it charges $94.99 per month.

And, the delta pack of Dish is America’s Top 250 which has 140+ HD channels and 290+ channels and it charges $104.99 per month.

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On what channel is LSU Game on Dish?

Without any further ado, let us start to read through the down given listings about what channel is the LSU game on the Dish streaming service.

Streaming service Name: Dish

Channel Name: SEC Network

Airing on: 404, 408

Channel Name: ESPN HD

Airing on: 87, 140, 144, 145

Channel Name: ESPNU

Airing on: 141

Channel Name: ESPN2

Airing on: 143

Channel Name: ABC

Airing on: 7

Channel Name: CBS

Airing on: 4

Channel Name: FOX

Airing on: 205, 11

Channel Name: Fox Sports or FS1

Airing on: 150

Channel Name: FS2

Airing on: 149

Channel Name: BTN

Airing on: 439, 410

Channel Name: NBC Sports

Airing on: 159

Channel Name: CBS Sports

Airing on: 158

Channel Name: PAC-12

Airing on: 406

As a matter of choice, you can insert any of the above-mentioned channel codes to stream the LSU team game on your Smart TV connected with Dish.

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Features of Dish

You can use the NFL RedZone with the NFL Network Sports subscription package on Dish TV service. Then, premium sports networks such as the NFL Network, SEC Network, BIG Network, PAC-12 Network, and other channels are available on Dish. Besides, you can access up to 10,000 plus video streaming apps on your Dish content library. And, there are no-cost charges for the installation of this Dish TV streaming service.

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Last Verdict

Here is the explanation of the last verdict of this write-up for what channel is streaming the LSU game on the Dish streaming service. Meanwhile, you can have the right channels and their numbers to stream the LSU Tigers football team’s gameplay on your TV. Therefore, we are much grateful to have you all people in this post for what channel is streaming the LSU game on the Dish platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is the LSU-Florida game on tonight?

Basically, you can use the channel networks as above mentioned to stream the LSU tiger’s Florida games tonight. And also, we have noted the exact channel number of required channels to watch LSU games.

What time is the LSU game tonight?

Eventually, the accurate time slot of the LSU Tigers games has been streamed at 7:30 PM ET. Therefore, you can watch this LSU Tigers gameplay using the sports streaming channels with TV service.

What channel is the football game on DISH Network?

As a matter of fact, there are some channels that stream the football game on Dish which are SEC Network, ESPNU, ABC, FOX, ESPN2, FS1, NBC, FS2, BTN, NBCSN, PAC-12 Network, CBS, ACC Network, ESPN, CBS Sports Network, and others.