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What Channel is NBC on DirecTV?

Believe in what you do, your mind will achieve it. Now believe in this article that will mention the channel number of NBC on DirecTV. Seemingly, NBC is a popular television network and DirecTV is a famous television provider in America. Concerning that, the following article will help you find and watch NBC on DirecTV service.

Speedy Particulars

  • Considering the NBC channel which is available on the DirecTV streaming service.
  • This NBC channel network is comes under the category of the local channel listings of the DirecTV streaming provider.
  • Meanwhile, the specified channel number of the NBC channel network on the mentioned TV Provider is given below.
  • They are NBC channel in Alabama on 13, Arizona on 12, Arkansas on 4, Connecticut 30 HD, Florida 12 HD, and Idaho 7 HD.
  • After that, Illinois on 5, Louisiana on 6, New Jersey on 4, and Wisconsin on 4.
  • Moreover, this DirecTV streaming provider includes all the premium sporting events in its content library.
  • Besides, choose any of the subscription packs from Entertainment, Choice, Premier, and Ultimate.
  • Hereby, proceed to utilize the following instructions to watch the NBC channel on your Smart TV.

About NBC

In simple words, NBC or National Broadcasting Company is a famous commercial television network in America. Indeed, Comcast owns the respective subsidiary and is operated by the entertainment division of NBCUniversal.

Seemingly, NBC can be your one-stop destination to watch popular content in different genres. You can enjoy watching your favorite content by choosing from the categories section. Meanwhile, you can find categories like TV shows, movies, news, comedy, sports, and much more.

Moreover, NBC is one of the big three traditional American television networks including, ABC, and CBS. Sunday Night Football and America’s Got Talent are one of the most watched shows on NBC. In addition, NBC also has various popular shows in various categories.

Indeed, it includes The Thing about Pam, Mr. Mayor, That’s my Jam, The Endgame, American Auto, Meet the Press, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, etc. Moreover, NBC programming is available on both cable and online.

Seemingly, the subscription to NBC will get you access to the NBC app where you can access your favorite content anywhere on the go. Further, NBC has no separate subscription. Instead, you must need a valid TV provider subscription to access and watch NBC content.

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A glance over DirecTV

Let’s have a glance over what DirecTV is. Do you live in the United States? If so, DirecTV can be your favorite digital partner for streaming your desired movies or live TV shows. Seemingly, DirecTV has one of the latest satellite streaming technology that provides you with the best-in-class digital content.

Here you can explore some popular TV networks like ABC, HGTV, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, CMT, BET, Bravo, and much more. Indeed, DirecTV relies on more than 14 satellites that supply the signal to your desired streaming device.

So, you can enjoy hassle-free and lag-free content streaming using DirecTV. Moreover, DirecTV assures a hundred percent signal reliability and the latest features. In addition, DirecTV is the exclusive home to NFL Sunday Ticket. You can catch up on all of these benefits via the DirecTV Stream app.

You can stream more regional and national-level sports exclusively using the DirecTV Stream app on your desired streaming device. However, you will need a valid DirecTV subscription to access your desired content without any hassle. In an account of that, the below section will give you the details of the subscription plans available with DirecTV.

First Plan – Entertainment – $64.99/month with 160+ channels

Second Plan – Choice – $69.99/month with 185+ channels

Third Plan – Ultimate – $89.99/month with 250+ channels

Fourth Plan – Premier – $139.99/month with 330+ channels

Choose your plans wisely and enjoy watching your favorite content. In addition, you also get access to DVR and on-demand content.

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On What Channel is NBC on DirecTV?

As you have expected, this section will give you the channel number of the NBC channel on DirecTV. Seemingly, NBC is a multi-variety content streaming channel that is available on most popular TV providing services. Is it possible to get and watch NBC on DirecTV? Indeed, the below section will give an answer to your query.

Streaming Service – DirecTV

Channel Name – NBC

CityChannel Number
Connecticut30 (HD)
Florida12 (HD)
Idaho7 (HD)
New Jersey4

Luckily, the NBC channel is natively available on DirecTV service. As the desired National Broadcasting Company channel is available in various regions, it can be hard to state the exact channel number. However, the above table holds the exact channel numbers of NBC depending on various regions in the United States. Check out the table and tune to the specific channel code to stream the NBC channel on your streaming device.

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Features of DirecTV

DirecTV provides international entertainment. In that way, you can watch exclusive games like NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings, MLS DirecTV Kick, NHL Center Ice, and much more. Get exclusive coverage of NFL Sunday Ticket by subscribing to any of the DirecTV packages. Want more sports? Then, get access to the DirecTV Stream app and stream exclusive sports on your desired streaming device. Moreover, the respective DirecTV Stream app is directly compatible with the most popular streaming platforms.


I hope now you know what channel is NBC on DirecTV. Fortunately, the NBC channel is natively available on DirecTV with your subscription. Ensure that you subscribe to any of the DirecTV packages and enjoy watching the desired content. Check out the above article for a detailed guide to know what channel is NBC on DirecTV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to watch NBC on DirecTV?

Yes, of course. It is possible to watch the NBC channel on DirecTV with an active DirecTV subscription. You can find the NBC channel using your respective region code on DirecTV.

What channel is NBC on DirecTV in Pennsylvania?

As we know, the NBC channel is available on DirecTV. However, what is more, interesting is that the respective channel is available to stream for DirecTV customers in Pennsylvania. Indeed, use channel code 10 to get the desired channel on DirecTV.