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What Channel is NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV?

A thing turns good or bad only when you give it a try. Similarly, give a try reading this article that will give you the ways to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV. Seemingly, NFL Sunday Ticket is a sports package to watch live NFL games, and DirecTV is a reliable TV service provider in the US. Let’s find what is the channel number of the NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV in the following article.

Quick Spot

  • Here are the streaming availability details of the NFL Sunday Ticket on the DirecTV streaming platform is available.
  • Meanwhile, with the use of NFL Sunday Ticket, you can easily watch the NFL Sunday games on your Smart TV.
  • Then, you should know the accurate channel number of the NFL Sunday Ticket to access its games on your Smart TV.
  • Preferably, the channel number is 705 to 719 on the DirecTV streaming platform.
  • Notably, this NFL Sunday Ticket platform is exclusively available only on the DirecTV provider.
  • Moreover, the cost of the NFL Sunday Ticket is $73.49 per month then $239.94 per season, and NFL Sunday Ticket Max for $99 per month.
  • Therefore, get a valid subscription for streaming NFL Sunday Ticket games on your Smart TV. 

About NFL Sunday Ticket

In simple words, NFL Sunday Ticket is an individual sports package that streams live NFL games to regions where NFL is not available. Indeed, it is a subscription-based service to watch out-of-market games. Here you can explore and watch exclusive Sunday afternoon games that are produced by Fox and CBS.

Seemingly, the NFL games are available to stream only across certain regions of the United States. In such a case, people or fans who reside apart from the respective broadcasting boundary will be unable to watch their favorite games. And that is why the NFL Sunday Ticket service was launched.

Moreover, the NFL Sunday Ticket Package will let the alienated people watch the exclusive live games on Sunday afternoons. This unique service has been available across multiple regions by many TV service providers. Indeed, the United States is covered by DirecTV, Canada is covered by DAZN, Mexico and Central America by Sky Mexico, South America and the Caribbean by Vrio, and much more.

Meanwhile, the pros of the NFL Sunday Ticket includes best-in-class playback modes, closed captioning support, Customizable game mix, Video Playback at 60 FPS, Full control immersive video, etc. The NFL Sunday Ticket is also available online. As a result, that becomes your one-stop destination to access scores, game stats, schedules, in-game progress, etc. Furthermore, you can mark your favorite players on the respective app. So that you can receive personalized suggestions and alerts on their games.

Subscription Plans

  • NFL Sunday Ticket – $73.49/month and $239.94 for the entire season
  • NFL Sunday Ticket Max – $99/month and $395.94 for the entire season

Seemingly, there are two significant differences between the two packages mentioned above. Indeed, the NFL Sunday Ticket gives you access to Every out-of-market game and Access to Sunday Afternoon game via the app. Whereas the NFL Sunday Ticket Max gives you two additional options like Red Zone Channel and Direc TV Fantasy Zone.

A note on DirecTV

Want some exciting entertainment? If so, DirecTV can be your perfect choice. Yes, DirecTV is a satellite pay TV provider that is famous for providing reliable service in the United States. Indeed, it delivers the best-in-class live TV to you and your family.

In addition, DirecTV gets you the ultimate home entertainment experience with its countless channels via satellite. Moreover, Direct TV is the exclusive home to the NFL Sunday Ticket. Meanwhile, it is a subscription-based service that includes a powerful whole home HD-DVR.

So that you can record your desired live TV shows and watch them when you wish. Further, the DirecTV Satellite TV package includes popular live TV channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, HGTV, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Food Network, and much more.

In addition, you can explore some binge-worthy shows like Dexter New Blood, House of the Dragon, The Chosen, and much more. You can enjoy watching all this content online via the DirecTV Stream app. At this point, it is essential to know about the subscription plans available with DirecTV. Concerning that, here is the list of subscription packages available for you.

Entertainment – $64.99/month

Includes 160+ channels like ESPN, USA Network, Animal Planet, etc.

Choice – $69.99/month

Includes 185+ channels like CMT, BET, AMC, ABC, etc.

Ultimate – $89.99/month

Includes 250+ channels like Disney Channel, HGTV, Bravo, NBC, etc.

Premier – $139.99/month

Includes 330+ channels like CNN, ESPN, Fox, National Geographic, etc.

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On What Channel is NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV?

Are you looking for the channel number of the NFL Sunday Ticket to access on DirecTV? If so, this section will offer you the exact channel code of the desired channel on your TV provider. As we have seen above, the NFL Sunday Ticket is a live sports streaming service. Will NFL Sunday Ticket be accessible on DirecTV? Let’s find that in the below section.

Streaming Service – DirecTV

Channel Name – NFL Sunday Ticket

Airing On – 705 to 719

Fortunately, the NFL Sunday Ticket channel is available to stream on DirecTV. Moreover, the respective channel is exclusively available only on DirecTV service. Indeed, the NFL Sunday Ticket channel will be available on channel code 705 – 719. Seemingly, you can find the desired channel only during the regular NFL season. So, ensure to subscribe to Direct TV to watch the NFL Sunday Ticket on Direct TV without any hassle.

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Features of DirecTV

DirecTV has one of the affordable pay TV subscriptions. With that, you get access to watch a lot of popular live TV channels and thousands of movies. You can stream exclusive out-of-market NFL Sunday Night games by getting a DirecTV subscription. In addition to the built-in DVR support, you can watch live games on a big screen using the built-in Chromecast support. Moreover, premium channels are included at no additional cost for three months.

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Concluding Points

The above article holds clear-cut info about watching the NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV service. Luckily, NFL Sunday Ticket is exclusively available to stream for DirecTV subscribers. Ensure that you have a valid DirecTV subscription and enjoy watching it on your desired streaming device. We hope you felt pleased by reading our article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV?

Initially, NFL Sunday Ticket is a subscription-based service. It is available in two categories. Seemingly the first plan, ‘NFL Sunday Ticket, ‘ costs $73.49/month and $239.94 for the entire season. On the other hand, the second plan, ‘NFL Sunday Ticket Max,’ costs $99/month and $395.94 for the entire season.

Can I get the NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV?

Yes, you can get an NFL Sunday Ticket without subscribing to DirecTV. Indeed, the NFL Sunday Ticket is available as a standalone service to purchase and watch online.

Can you get NFL Sunday Ticket with DirecTV Stream?

No, it is not possible to get or watch NFL Sunday Ticket with DirecTV Stream. As of now, there is no option to add and access NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV Stream as an add-on. Instead, you can subscribe to the respective sports package as a standalone service.