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What Channel is OAN on DirecTV?

The news turns good or bad from the perspective you look into it. Here is an article that delivers the good news about watching OAN on DirecTV. Seemingly, OAN is a news streaming channel in America and DirecTV is a famous television provider in the same region. Let’s see what channel is OAN on DirecTV in the following article.

Fast Instructions

  • Let us start to look forward to having the availability details of the OAN channel network on the DirecTV streaming provider is not available.
  • Meanwhile, this OAN channel network is expanded as One America News channel.
  • This DirecTV streaming provider does not have this OAN channel in its featured channel library.
  • Because the agreement between the OAN channel network and DirecTV service provider expired.
  • Moreover, we will update you soon, if this OAN channel is there on DirecTV provider.
  • Notably, DirecTV service has a lot more premium channels and you can use any one of them.
  • Hence, start to read through the upcoming streaming details to have the info about the OAN channel network.

A Crisp of OAN

In simple words, One America News, shortened as OAN, is a famous news streaming channel in the United States. Indeed, Herring Networks is the owner of the respective channel. Being a news broadcasting company, it telecasts both SDTV (480i) and HDTV (1080i) content.

The OAN channel was launched in 2013, and for nine years, it’s been serving as a reliable and official news streaming source. Moreover, the desired service is available in more than 35 million homes in the United States.

The popular shows on the OAN channel include Real America with Dan Ball, Tipping Point with Kara McKinney, Weekly Briefing with Christina Bobb, In Focus with Stephanie Hamill, and On Point with Tomi Lahren.

Unfortunately, in the passage of time, the OAN channel was surrounded by conspiracy and became a place for Conspiracy Theories and Promoting falsehoods. Even worse is that YouTube removed the OAN channel due to some violation issues in 2020. And, of course, you will need a TV provider subscription to watch the OAN shows on your device.

In addition, the $ 4.99-worthy OAN app also lets you catch up on the breaking news on the go. Meanwhile, the OANN or OAN channel is no more available on a satellite TV-providing service like Verizon Fios. Let’s find the what is the availability case of OAN on DirecTV in the following article.

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About DirecTV

Here we will get to know a crisp note about DirecTV. Seemingly, DirecTV is a reliable satellite TV service provider in the United States. Moreover, it can be one of your favorite destinations for quality video content, features, and services. Being a multichannel video programmer, DirecTV offers you famous and best-in-class live TV networks and VODs.

Meanwhile, DirecTV is known for providing a user-friendly service. In addition, you can stream your favorites online using the ‘DirecTV Stream app. Indeed, the DirecTV Stream app provides you one-stop access to watch live and on-demand content anywhere on the go. Of course, DirecTV is a subscription-based service with cost-efficient subscription packages. Concerning that, here you will get to know the subscription plans of DirecTV.

Entertainment – 165+ channels – $74.99/month

Included Channels – ESPN, HGTV, Cinemax, Showtime, etc.

Choice – 200+ channels – $79.99/month

Included Channels – Fox Network, CNBC, NFL Sunday Ticket Max, etc.

Ultimate – 270+ channels – $99.99/month

Included Channels – NBA TV, NHL Network, Universal Kids, TNT, etc.

Premier – 340+ channels – $149.99/month

Included Channels – Oxygen, Golf Channel, HBO Max, MLB Network, etc.

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On What Channel is OAN on DirecTV?

Do you wonder about watching the OAN on DirecTV? If so, this part will give you the channel number of the OAN channel on the DirecTV service. Moreover, the availability of the OAN channel on DirecTV itself stands as a question mark. Indeed, the below section will serve as the answer to your query.

Streaming Service – DirecTV

Channel Name – OAN

Status – Not Available

As you have seen above, the OAN channel is not available on DirecTV. The reason is that DirecTV dropped the respective channel when the contract expired on April 5, 2022. As a result, the OAN channel won’t be available on any of the DirecTV and U-verse services. Alternatively, you can choose to download the OAN app on a compatible device to stream your favorite groundbreaking news content.

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Features of DirecTV

The first highlight of DirecTV is its affordable subscription. Seemingly, you can stream the latest and most of your regional sports games like MLB and much more with DirecTV service. Moreover, DirecTV Stream becomes your best digital streaming partner as you can get in touch with your favorite content anywhere on the go.

The Genie HD DVR service with DirecTV allows you to record five shows at once, and you can stream on up to five devices simultaneously. Subscribe to DirecTV and enjoy watching the 80,000+ on-demand titles.


Here is the overall summary of the above article. I hope the above article will be satisfactory enough for watching the OAN channel on DirecTV. Unfortunately, the OAN channel is no longer available on any of the DirecTV services. Refer to the above article for the alternative methods to watch OAN content on your desired streaming device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to watch OAN on DirecTV?

No. The desired OAN channel is no more accessible on DirecTV satellite and IPTV services. Indeed, the reason is that the contract with OAN was expired, and DirecTV is not willing to renew it.

What is the subscription cost of OAN?

Even though it is not possible to access OAN on any of the cable/satellite services, you can stream it on compatible streaming devices. In such a case, you will need an OAN subscription which costs $4.99/month.