What Channel is PBS on DirecTV?

Life is a one-time offer, use it well; here is the one-time write-up and use its described information well for getting the premium TV shows of the PBS channel network on the mentioned Streaming service. Let us initiate to find the details of what channel is PBS channel is streaming on the DirecTV channel library.

Considering this PBS channel network which is an American-based live TV streaming channel platform. Then, the expanded form of this PBS channel network is Public Broadcasting Service. Meanwhile, as its name implies that this PBS channel is a free-to-air channel and it is not a commercial-based TV network.

Notably, this PBS Channel network has its own application called the PBS app and so, you can download it from Android and iOS device-based application stores. Basically, this PBS channel is a non-profit TV channel and it is used to stream education and motivation-related video content. Henceforth, you need a relevant TV service to access this PBS channel on its channel library.

Quick Spotting

  • This PBS channel is available on the DirecTV channel library
  • Then, the Basic channel code is 389.
  • And, we have also mentioned the alternative codes and the channel codes for the aspects of the different locations are given below.

Is the PBS channel available on DirecTV streaming service?

Absolutely, yes, this PBS channel is available on the mentioned Streaming service with the use of the channel queue. Eventually, you should make use of the following channel numbers with respect to your current location.

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On what channel is PBS on DirecTV?

What Channel is PBS on DirecTV

Let us get started to find the purpose of this write-up without further delay. We have mentioned all the required channel codes for this PBS network on the DirecTV streaming service.

Streaming service Name – DirecTV

Name of the channel – PBS (also called PBSNET)

Basic Code of the channel – 389, 36 or 30

Codes for Different Locations

Columbus – 20/34

Houston – 8

Milwaukee – 10/36

Seattle – Tacoma – 9/28

Virginia Beach – 2/15

Charleston – Huntington – 25/33

Salt Lake City – 7

Nashville – 8/22

Burlington – 49 (SD) & 33, 57 (HD)

Charleston – 7 (HD)

Portland – 10

Sioux Falls – 20/23 (HD)

Providence – 53 & 36

Philadelphia – 12, 23, 39

Fargo – Valley City – 13

Oklahoma City – 13

Newark – 13, 21, 50, 49

New York – 21, 13, 49, 50

Charlotte – 30, 42, 58

Manchester – 2, 11, 44

Albuquerque – Sant Fe – 5, 3

Las Vegas – 10 HD

Jackson – 29

Omaha – 26, 32

Kansas City – 19

Billings – 16 HD

Minneapolis – St. Paul – 2, 10, 17, 22

Baltimore – 22

Detroit – 56

Boston – 2, 11, 44

Portland – Auburn – 10

New Orleans – 12

Louisville – 15, 68

Wichita – Hutchinson – 8, 9

Des Moines – 11

Indianapolis – 20, 30

Chicago – 11, 20, 56

Boise – 4

Atlanta – 30, 8

Jacksonville – 7, 8

Wilmington – 12, 23, 39

Hartford – New Haven – 24

Denver – 6, 12

Los Angeles – 24, 50, 58

Little Rock – Pine Bluff – 2

Phoenix – 8

Birmingham – 10

Rhode Island – 36

Thusly, hover over the specified channel code to reach the PBS channel on DirecTV’s Media provider.

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A brief look over DirecTV

Coming to this Passage, delivers valid information about this DirecTV Media provider. Meanwhile, this DirecTV serves numerous exclusive media content which is in the category of especially sports, movies, TV shows, series, news, kid’s stuff, and more things that have been accessible through it.

Besides, this DirecTV gives attractive subscription plans for an affordable cost of charges. Notably, there are no restrictions mentioned in the DirecTV streaming platform and you can feel free to watch any video content with an active internet source. In the end, let us have a look at DirecTV subscriptions.

  • Entertainment Subscription label costs $69.99 per month with 75 plus channels.
  • Choice Subscription label costs $89.99 per month with 105 plus channels.
  • Ultimate Subscription label costs $104.99 per month with 140 plus channels.
  • Premier Subscription label costs $149.99 per month with 150 plus channels.

These are all the subscription labels of DirecTV media providers

Features of DirecTV

DirecTV Media provides gives us access to exclusive subscriptions with a lot more benefits. Meanwhile, you can‘t be struck by contracts or hidden fees on this DirecTV platform. Notably, DirecTV mentioned that there are no contracts or hidden fees on its official site itself. Comparing the prices of DirecTV with other services, this DirecTV comes with very reasonable charges. Hence, you can call any time to order DirecTV and its number is 1-888-449-0183. 

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Ending Passage

At this present moment, we are present near the end passage of this write-up for learning about the PBS network on the DirecTV Streaming platform. Subsequently, we have noted all the needed channel codes on the above-given passages which help you to access the PBS channel. Thusly, your support gives us more strength to produce more articles like PBS Network on the DirecTV streaming service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does PBS come with DirecTV?

Yes, for sure, this PBS Channel comes with the mentioned Streaming service through its channel library. Meanwhile, you should enter the exact channel number of PBS to watch on your Smart TV with DirecTV‘s connection on it.

What channel is PBS on DirecTV in RI?

This PBS channel is available on Rhodes Island through DirecTV’s Streaming platform. Eventually, you can reach out to this PBS channel network on Rhodes Island at channel number 36 on DirecTV’s channel queue.

How can I watch PBS?

Primarily, this PBS video streaming network is accessible as an application and channel format. For this case, if you’re going to watch the PBS channel means use its specified channel number. Or else, you can use its application called PBS app to access it on your Android and iOS devices.

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