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What Channel is the Giants game on DirecTV?

Winning is the only destination when you have nothing to lose. Similarly, reading this article is the only option if you wish to stream the Giants game on DirecTV. Seemingly, New York Giants is one of the most popular NFL franchises. Most people are eagerly waiting to watch the NFL Giants VS Patriots game on DirecTV. Check out the below article to find what channels have the Giants game on DirecTV.

Speedy Info

  • The New York Giants team is one of the oldest and most famous teams in the National Football League.
  • Then, the DirecTV streaming provider has the streaming rights to the New York Giants team games through its channel library.
  • Meanwhile, you need to use the channel networks which can have access to NFL games including the New York Giants team games.
  • Moreover, such channels and their airing numbers to watch the New York Giants team games are given below.
  • They are NFL Network channel is airing on 212, ESPN channel on 206, FOX Sports on 219, Sportsnet on 684, and CBS channel on 221.
  • At last, follow the underlying streaming instructions to watch the New York Giants team games on your Smart TV.

Who are the New York Giants?

In simple words, the ‘New York Giants’ is a popular NFL franchise in America. Seemingly, this professional football team is based in the New York Metropolitan area. The Giants participate in National Football League, representing the National Football Conference (NFC), East division.

With 1925 as the establishment year, the New York Giants is one of the oldest NFL teams that is still existing. In addition, they are also the longest-established NFL team in the Northeastern United States. The Giants team use to play their home games in the MetLife Stadium.

Meanwhile, they have their summer training camp at Quest Diagnostics Training Center. Indeed, the New York Giants stand as the third most influential team among all the NFL franchises. They have eight Super Bowl titles to showcase.

Moreover, with 19 appearances, the Giants become the first team with more Super Bowl appearances than any other NFL franchise. The respective football team has some nicknames like Big Blue, the G-Men, and Jints.

Occasionally, they are also referred to as the ‘Big Blue Wrecking Crew’. Further, the rivalry between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles is one of the oldest and the well known in NFL history since 1933.

Current Roster Info

As we have seen above, the New York Giants are among the most popular and influential NFL franchises. They have collected a more widespread fan following than any other team. In that concern, here we mention the list of players of the Giants team.

Quarterbacks – Daniel Jones, Davis Webb, Tyrod Taylor

Running backs – Gary Brightwell, Matt Breida, Saquon Barkley, Antonio Williams

Wide receivers – Alex Bachman, Keelan Doss, Robert Foster, Collin Johnson

Tight ends – Jordan Akins, Daniel Bellinger, Chris Myrick, Austin Allen

Linebackers – Darrian Beavers, Cam Brown, Austin Calitro, Blake Martinez

Defensive backs – Andrew Adams, Dane Belton, Cordale Flott, Julian Love

An overview of DirecTV

Let’s consider DirecTV in this section. In simple words, DirecTV is a famous TV service provider in the United States. It can be your reliable digital content streaming partner on your desired streaming device. Indeed, DirecTV is the one-stop hub for all of your favorite entertainment.

Seemingly, you can watch the most popular live TV and on-demand content by subscribing to DirecTV. Being a multichannel video distributor, DirecTV provides you access to popular networks like ABC, CBS, Fox, AMC, Comedy Central, Hallmark Channel, and much more. In addition, DirecTV gives you direct access to popular sports events like NFL, NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB, and regional sports networks.

The exciting thing is that you can even watch the DirecTV content online via the dedicated DirecTV Stream app. Indeed, access to DirecTV Stream is included with your DirecTV subscription. Moreover, DirecTV uses 14 satellites for content broadcasting.

So you can enjoy hassle and lag-free streaming from anywhere on the go. However, you will need a valid DirecTV subscription to access all the benefits. Continue reading to know the subscription plans of DirecTV.

Entertainment – $64.99/month

Includes 160+ channels like ESPN, HGTV, Cinemax, Showtime, etc.

Choice – $69.99/month

Includes 185+ channels like Fox Network, CNBC, NFL Sunday Ticket Max, etc.

Ultimate – $89.99/month

Includes 250+ channels like NBA TV, NHL Network, Universal Kids, TNT, etc.

Premier – $139.99/month

Includes 330+ channels like Oxygen, Golf Channel, HBO Max, MLB Network, etc.

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On What Channel is the Giants game on DirecTV?

This section will reveal the channels that are available on DirecTV to watch the Giants game. As we have seen above, the New York Giants are one of the most influential NFL franchises. Indeed, you will need a valid sports streaming channel to stream the Giants game on DirecTV. Is it possible to watch the Giants game on DirecTV service? The following section will answer your query.

Streaming Service – DirecTV

Channel Name – NFL Network

Airing On – 212

Channel Name – ESPN

Airing On – 206

Channel Name – Fox Sports

Airing On – 219

Channel Name- Sportsnet

Airing On – 684

Channel Name – CBS

Airing On – 221

With the above-given statement, it is clear that you can watch the Giants game on DirecTV. Fortunately, DirecTV includes popular sports streaming channels. What’s even more interesting is that the sports channels mentioned above are natively included with your DirecTV subscription. Indeed, tune in to the above-given channel codes to start watching your favorite NFL game on DirecTV without any hassle.

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Features of DirecTV

DirecTV is primarily refereed for its high-tech satellite TV streaming service. As a result, you can watch ultra HD content on your desired streaming device without any hassle. Seemingly, DirecTV is the home to some of the popular and your favorite networks like HBO Max, Showtime, Cinemax, Prime Video, BBC, and much more. Make use of the DirecTV Stream app and get entertained anywhere on the go. In addition, the Genie HD DVR feature on DirecTV will give you the option to record your favorite live shows and stream them later. Get access to the 80,000+ on-demand content and enjoy watching it simultaneously on five devices.

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Concluding Terms

Hereby we conclude the article on what channel is the Giants game on DirecTV. As seen above, you can find and watch the New York Giants game on DirecTV by tuning to the sports channels given above. Hence, we hope you felt pleasured and satisfied in reading our article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to watch the Giants game on DirecTV?

Seemingly, you can tune into the sports channels that are included with your DirecTV subscription. Then, get your DirecTV channel lineup and tune to either FS1, NFL Network, CBS Sports, or ESPN to watch your desired Giants game on DirecTV.

What channel is Sportsnet on DirecTV?

Indeed, the Sportsnet channel is directly available on the DirecTV channel lineup. For that, you can refer to channel code 684 to catch up on Sportsnet on DirecTV.