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What Channel is the Mets game on DirecTV?

Be happy at whatever you do. Now read this article with a happy mind as this will give you the best channels to watch the Mets game on DirecTV. Seemingly, the New York Mets is a famous baseball team, and DirecTV is a reliable TV service provider in America. Let’s see how to catch up on the Mets game on DirecTV service in the following article.

Quick Answers

  • The New York Mets team is a famous and well-playing team in the MLB championship events.
  • Let us start to know the streaming availability of the New York Mets team games on the DirecTV streaming provider is available.
  • After that, you should know the channels streaming the MLB games, especially New York Mets team.
  • Such channel networks and their channel codes to watch the games of the New York Mets team are given below.
  • They are ESPN channel is on 206, Fox Sports on 219, the MLB channel is on 213, SportsNet on 691, and others.
  • Meanwhile, use the appropriate subscription of DirecTV provider to access the MLB games which are Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier.
  • Therefore, start to use the upcoming channels and instructions to watch the New York Mets team games on your Smart TV.

A review of the New York Mets

In simple words, the ‘New York Mets‘ is an American professional baseball team based in New York. Seemingly, they compete in the Major Baseball League representing the National League (NL), East division. Indeed, the New York Mets are one of the two major teams that are based in New York City.

Meanwhile, the other team is the New York Yankees. Moreover, the Mets team was founded in 1962 and has been one of baseball’s first expansion teams. The Mets team was established to replace the two departed NL teams, namely the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants.

Of course, the blue color in the Mets logo represents the Dodgers and orange for the Giants. After fluctuating between various baseball stadiums, the Mets have been playing their home games at Citi Field. Further, on the achievements part, the Mets team has won two World Series games, Five National League Pennants, and qualified nine times for the post-season games.

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Current Roster Info

The following is the list of active players on the New York Mets team.

  • Pitchers – Chris Bassitt, Carlos Carrasco, Max Scherzer, Seth Lugo, Drew Smith, Adam Ottavino
  • Catchers – Tomás Nido, Patrick Mazeika
  • Infielders – J. D. Davis, Francisco Lindor, Eduardo Escobar, Jeff McNeil, J. D. Davis
  • Outfielders – Starling Marte, Brandon Nimmo, Mark Canha, Travis Jankowski

An overview of DirecTV

Seemingly, DirecTV is a famous satellite pay TV provider in America. DirecTV provides the best in class satellite TV streaming. Seemingly, it is one of the largest digital entertainment providers, with high-tech satellite streaming technology.

Moreover, the DirecTV service is available in 37 million households in the United States and Latin America. Primarily, the DirecTV service is known for its satellite streaming that includes live TV and on-demand content.

Indeed, it is the one-stop hub to access all your favorite channels in one place. In addition, you can find and stream a wide range of shows in various categories. What’s more interesting is that you can even access the DirecTV shows from anywhere, anytime, using the ‘DirecTV app.

The DirecTV app includes all the channels and content that are available on the native DirecTV channel. Meanwhile, the built-in DVR feature allows you to record your favorite live TV shows to stream them later. However, a valid DirecTV subscription is essential to access the above-mentioned features. In that way, the below given are the DirecTV subscription plans and packages.

  • Entertainment – $69.99
  • Choice – $89.99
  • Ultimate – $104.99
  • Premier – $139.99

Seemingly, 200 hours of DVR and DirecTV app access are included with all the above-mentioned subscription packs.

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On What Channel is the Mets game on DirecTV?

Indeed, most of you would have been waiting for this segment. Seemingly, the following section will answer the question, what channel is the Mets game on DirecTV?. Currently, it is possible to access the Mets game on DirecTV by tuning to the built-in sports streaming channels. Those channels listed include ESPN, MLB, SportsNet, Fox Sports, and much more. So, get ready with your DirecTV channel guide and tune to any of the below-given channels to catch up on your favorite Mets game on DirecTV.

Streaming Service – DirecTV

Channel Name – ESPN

Airing On – 206

Channel Name – Fox Sports

Airing On – 219

Chanel Name – MLB

Airing On – 213

Channel Name – SportsNet

Airing On – 691

Locate the above-given sports streaming channels on your DirecTV channel lineup and enjoy watching the latest games of the New York Mets team.

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Features of DirecTV

DirecTV is the best satellite pay TV provider in America. With a DirecTV subscription, you will get access to hundreds of popular channels, unlimited hours of DVR, the DirecTV app, and much more. More than local channels, you can watch 330+ live channels and 80,000+ on-demand titles. In addition, you can watch exclusive premium video content on channels like HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax, etc. Moreover, DirecTV can be said to be a sports fanatics’ paradise. Indeed, here you can catch up on all of your favorite sports like football, baseball, golf, soccer, and whatnot.


I hope the above-given article has given you the necessary info about watching the Mets game on DirecTV. Of course, it is possible to watch the Mets game on DirecTV by tuning into the above-mentioned sports channels. Moreover, ensure that you have an active DirecTV subscription to access the desired MLB game on your desired streaming device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch the Mets game on DirecTV?

Of course, you can watch the Mets game on DirecTV. Indeed, locate the sports streaming channels like Fox Sports, ESPN, SportsNet, and MLB on your DirecTV channel lineup to watch the Mets game.

What Channel is MLB on DirecTV?

The popular sports streaming network MLB is available on DirecTV. You can find the MLB channel on channel number 213.