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What Channel is the Packers game on DirecTV?

You start living your life when you identify your uniqueness. Now read this unique article that includes the best channels to watch the Packers game on DirecTV. Seemingly, Packers is a well-known football team, and DirecTV is a famous satellite streaming service in America. Let’s see what channel is the Packers game on DirecTV in the following article.

Quick Answers

  • Now, get intruded to know the streaming information of the Green Bay Packers on the DirecTV streaming service is available.
  • We have represented the instructions and streaming utilities in the upcoming sections which can help you with them.
  • Meanwhile, you need to know the channels streaming the Green Bay Packers which is given below.
  • Such channels are NFL Network on 212, ESPN on 206, FOX Sports on 219, Sportsnet on 684, and CBS on 221.
  • Eventually, get the best subscription on DirecTV TV provider which can assist you to have the NFL streaming channels.
  • At last, use the upcoming streaming details to stream the live games of the Green Bay Packers team on your Smart TV.

An Overview of Green Bay Packers

In general terms, ‘Green Bay Packers is a professional Football team and one of the popular NFL franchises. Being an American football team, they are based in Green bay, Wisconsin. Indeed, the Packers team competes in the NFL game, representing the National Football Conference (NFC), North division.

The Packers team was founded in the year 1919. Since 1957 they used to play their home games in Lambeau Field. Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers are the third oldest NFL franchise, and they are the only non-profit and major league professional sports team owned by a community.

Moreover, Earl “Curly” Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun are the founders of the respective team and are one of the existing ‘Small Town Teams’ that were very common during the early 1920s. Seemingly, the Packers have the 27th rank as the most valuable sports team in the world, with a value of $2.63 billion.

Notably, the Packers team has a record of winning 13 league championships, nine pre-super Bowl titles, and four Super Bowl titles. They achieved their first and consequent Super Bowl titles in 1966 and 1967. In addition, they were the first and only team to defeat the American Football League before the NFL-AFL merger. Seemingly, the Packers team has attained the highest win-loss record in NFL history.

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Current Roster Info

Indeed, Green Bay Packers are one of the most popular NFL franchises with a widespread fanbase worldwide. Concerning that, the below list will provide you with the info on the active players in the respective team.

Quarterbacks – Jordan Love, Aaron Rodgers, Danny Etling
Running Backs – A. J. Dillon, Kylin Hill, Tyler Goodson
Wide Receivers – Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb, Romeo Doubs
Tight Ends – Dominique Dafney, Marcedes Lewis, Tyler Davis
Linebackers – Randy Ramsey, Krys Barnes, Quay Walker, Preston Smith
Cornerback – Jaire Alexander, Rasul Douglas, Keisean Nixon

About DirecTV

In simple words, DirecTV is a famous satellite TV provider in America. It is a subscription-based multichannel video programming service operating in California. With the latest digital satellite streaming technology, DirecTV offers you non-stop entertainment on your desired streaming device.

As of now, more than 37 million households have been using the DirecTV service in the United States and Latin America. Moreover, you can watch both live TV and video-on-demand content by subscribing to DirecTV. Here you can explore both local and premium programming via the DirecTV service and app.

Yes, DirecTV has started providing content also online via the DirecTV app. Indeed, the DirecTV app is a one-stop destination for both DirecTV and DirecTV Stream subscribers. This gives you access to live sports, news, and a wide range of categories.

Further, the DirecTV app also includes a Digital Video Recording facility to record your desired shows or movies and watch them later. As I have stated above, you will need an active subscription to DirecTV to watch your favorite shows without any hassle. Concerning that, the below section will offer you the subscription plans available with DirecTV.

Entertainment – $64.99/month with 160+ channels

Choice – $69.99/month with 180+ channels

Ultimate – $89.99/month with 250+ channels

Premier – $139.99/month with 330+ channels

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On What Channel is the Packers game on DirecTV?

Are you wondering about watching the Packers game on DirecTV? If so, this section will provide you with the best channels to stream the Packers game on your desired TV service. Initially, is it possible to watch the Packers game on DirecTV? Seemingly, the below section will answer your question.

Streaming Service – DirecTV

Channel Name – NFL Network

Airing On – 212

Channel Name – ESPN

Airing On – 206

Channel Name – Fox Sports

Airing On – 219

Channel Name- Sportsnet

Airing On – 684

Channel Name – CBS

Airing On – 221

As you have above, it is possible to watch the Packers game on DirecTV. Seemingly, you will need a live sports streaming channel to watch the Green Bay Packers game on your desired TV provider. Indeed, you can tune in to the sports streaming channels mentioned above to do the needful.

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Features of DirecTV

DirecTV is one of the best and most popular satellite TV streaming services in America. Indeed, the DirecTV Stream app gives you access to various live TV channels, unlimited DVR, and on-demand titles. In addition, you can also watch local channels and regional sports networks. Indeed, the respective app provides you free access to NFL Sunday Ticket Max.


Indeed, the above-mentioned is the simplest way to find and watch the Packers game on DirecTV service. I hope the methods stated will be helpful enough in watching the desired Packers game on the respective TV provider. Make use of the above article to enjoy watching your favorite game on DirecTV without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to watch the Packers game on DirecTV?

Seemingly, there is no dedicated channel for the Green Bay Packers to stream their game on DirecTV. But you can tune in and use the natively included sports channels like NFL Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, and CBS.

What channel is ESPN on DirecTV?

Indeed, the ESPN channel is available to stream on DirecTV Stream. In that way, DirecTV users can use channel code 206 to find and watch it on DirecTV.