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What Channel is the Raiders game on Spectrum?

Life has no limitations; here is our limitless article which gives you the limitless information to know about the channel networks of Raiders team games on Spectrum. By using this article, you can easily find what channel the Raiders game is streaming on the Spectrum channel lineup.

Easy Notes

  • This Las Vegas Raiders is one of the active teams in the National Football League championship.
  • Herein, we are now starting to learn about the Las Vegas Raiders team games on the Spectrum TV provider is available.
  • Meanwhile, you need to know the channels streaming the NFL games, especially Las Vegas Raiders games.
  • For this purpose, we have noted down the channel network with their streaming numbers with respect to your current location.
  • Preferably, find a good deal subscription on Spectrum to watch all the live matches of the NFL championship.
  • Therefore, proceed to have the upcoming streaming assistance to watch the Las Vegas Raiders games on your Smart TV.

A short review of the Raiders game

Let us have some knowledge about the Las Vegas Raiders team games in the National Football League Championship. Mainly, this Las Vegas Raiders team has won three-plus league championships. Then this Las Vegas Raiders team won three Super Bowl Championships.

The nicknames of the Las Vegas Raiders team are Silver and Black, The World’s Team, Malolos, Team of the Decades, Men in Black, and others. Then the former names of the Las Vegas Raiders team are Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Raiders. Hereby, we have noted some info to stream all the games of Las Vegas Raiders team games on your TV.

A small note on Spectrum

Here we are head to know about the Spectrum TV service which is one of the premium TV service providers in the United States of America. You can stream all of your must-watch movies, TV shows, and more elements available through the Spectrum TV service’s official content library.

You can go through the channel lineup with huge premium channels which are well-liked by the people of the US. Let us now look down to know about the subscription information of Spectrum TV service.

Spectrum TV Select – $44.99/month: 125+ channels for 12 months contract.

Spectrum TV Silver – $69.99/month: 175+ channels for 12 months contract.

And, the Spectrum TV Gold – $89.99/month: 200+ channels for 12 months contract.

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On What Channel is the Raiders game on Spectrum?

Now, you should go through the down given channels with code to watch the Raiders game on the Spectrum TV lineup.

Streaming service Name: Spectrum

Channel Name: NFL Network

Channel Code:

Montgomery, Alabama – 15, 822

Los Angeles, California – 310

Grand Junction, Colorado – 38, 625

Indianapolis, Indiana – 83

Midland, Michigan – 37, 711

Saint Charles, Missouri -15, 802

Great Falls, Montana – 17, 625

Lincoln, Nebraska – 99

Cincinnati, Ohio – 346

Maryville, Tennessee – 22, 826

El Paso, Texas – 94, 310

Orlando Florida – 101

Louisville, Kentucky – 547

Carson City, Nevada – 14, 800

Creswell, Oregon – 18, 807

Wapato, Washington – 20, 807

Madison, Wisconsin – 15, 669

Athens, Georgia – 20, 822

Sartell, Minnesota – 14, 802

Brooklyn, New York – 310

Cheyenne, Wyoming – 17, 625

Yuma, Arizona – 310

Camp, Lejeune, North Carolina – 15, 822

Channel Name: NFL Red Zone

Channel Code:

Montgomery, Alabama -323

Grand Junction, Colorado – 126

Indianapolis, Indiana – 417

Los Angeles, California – 311

Midland, Michigan – 227

Saint Charles, Missouri – 203

Great Falls, Montana – 126

Lincoln, Nebraska – 311

El Paso, Texas – 311

Cincinnati, Ohio – 347

Orlando Florida – 826

Louisville, Kentucky – 548

Carson City, Nevada – 417

Maryville, Tennessee – 327

Wapato, Washington – 409

Madison, Wisconsin – 316

Athens, Georgia – 323

Creswell, Oregon – 409

Sartell, Minnesota – 424

Brooklyn, New York – 311

Cheyenne, Wyoming – 126

Yuma, Arizona – 311

Camp, Lejeune, North Carolina – 324

Channel Name: Sportsnet

Code: 215 (SD) & 787 (HD)

Channel Name: NBC

Code: 4

Channel Name: ABC

Code: 7

Channel Name: FOX

Code: 11

Channel Name: CBS

Code: 4, 5 or 10

Channel Name: ESPN

Code: 39

Hence, we have notified the channels which have the Raiders game through the Spectrum TV service.

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Features of Spectrum

You can use the official site of Spectrum TV service which is Through this link, you can use the Spectrum TV content library on your computer itself. And you can use this Spectrum with the Xbox, iOS, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Android devices. Hereby, you can have the Spectrum TV app stream its contents anywhere you go.

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End Slot

Now, let us start to read this end slot of this awesome article for what channel is the Raiders game on Spectrum TV service. By having the above-given information, you can simply get watch the Raiders game on your Spectrum-connected TV. As a result, we have combined all the good info about what channel is the Raiders game on Spectrum, and thanks a lot for your visit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is the NFL Raiders game on today?

You can have the channels such as NFL Network, ESPN, NBC, CBS, ABC, NFL RedZone, Sportsnet, and others that can be utilized to watch the NFL Raiders game on the Spectrum channel lineup to watch today’s match.

What channel are the Las Vegas Raiders on?

You can use the sports streaming channel networks that have the rights to stream the NFL games on their content library. And so, we have written some channels with its codes to watch the Las Vegas Raiders on the above passages.

How can I watch the Raiders game today?

You should simply go into the channel lineup of your TV service if it is Spectrum. Use the top explained channel networks which have the live streams of the Raiders game today on your TV.