What Channel is the Rams game on DirecTV?

Indent to live life, not just exist; here is a live existing article that can be used to the availability of the Rams team’s gameplay on your DirecTV streaming service. Proceed to read this article to know the information about what channel network the Rams team’s game streaming on DirecTV service.

On what channel is the Rams game on DirecTV?

What Channel is the Rams game on DirecTV

Now, watch over these channels which have the rights to stream the NFL games which as Los Angeles Rams team game on your DirecTV streaming service. Here, let us start to find what channel is the Rams game on the DirecTV channel lineup.

Streaming service Name: DirecTV

Channel Label: NFL Network

Code: 212

Channel Label: Sportsnet

Code: 684

Channel Label: NFL Red Zone

Code: 703

Channel Label: NBC

Code: 12

Channel Label: Sportsnet New York

Code: 639

Channel Label: NBC HD West

Code: 393

Alabama – 13

California – 4

Florida – 12 (HD)

Indiana – 13

New York – 13

Channel Label: FOX


Houston, Texas – 26

Los Angeles, CA – 11

San Diego, CA – 69

Seattle, WA – 13

Baltimore, MD – 45

Channel Label: ABC HD West

Code: 397

New York City, NY – 7

Los Angeles, CA – 7

Chicago, IL – 7

Houston, TX – 13

San Diego, CA – 10

Seattle, WA – 4

Channel Label: ESPN HD

Code: 206

Channel Label: CBS

Code: 221 or 122

Channel Label: FOX Sports 1 HD

Code: 219

Hereby, initiate to access these channel networks to get watch the Los Angeles Rams games on DirecTV streaming provider.

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Features of DirecTV

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Ending Passage

Here is our ending passage of this good article for what channel is the Los Angeles Rams team game on your DirecTV streaming service. Through this article, you can have the required channel networks with their codes to watch the live stream of Los Angeles Rams team games. Eventually, we are grateful for your support on this article for what channel the Rams team game on the DirecTV channel lineup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is the Rams game tonight on?

You can explore these fine channel networks which are presented above to get watch the Rams game channel on your DirecTV channel lineup. Therefore, make sure to utilize these channels to stream the Rams game.

Where can I watch the Rams vs Texans?

You can use the NFL Network channel which is the official streaming service of the National Football League. Hereby, you can watch the famous games of the Rams vs Texans teams on your TV.

What channel is NFL on tonight DirecTV?

The channel network is named NFL Network which is available in DirecTV’s featured channel lineup. And so, you can get this NFL Network channel on the 212 channel code of DirecTV service.

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