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XCIPTV for Firestick: How to Install and Use XCIPTV on Firestick?

Be your own inspiration; here is the best solution for your needs and wants about the streaming process of XCIPTV’s app on your Firestick. By having this article, you can have the right ways to use the XCIPTV application on your Firestick streaming device.

Easy Notes

  • There is no certain way to directly install the XCIPTV app on your Firestick, due to the unavailability of this app on the Amazon App Store.
  • Considering this reason, you can go for the sideloading and screencasting technique to watch the XCIPTV on your Smart TV.
  • For this case, you can use the first technique to sideload the XCIPTV app using Downloader by enabling the Developer mode.
  • Hence, use the second and third techniques to screencast the XCIPTV app from your Smart PhoneAndroid or iOS and PC.


This XCIPTV is a one-source platform with all the best media content, and it is one of the trusted IPTV services. Then this XCIPTV has over 10,000+ TV channels with HD streaming quality, and it also has 25,000+ video-on-demand titles on the XCIPTV’s library. Here, this XCIPTV provides us with 24 hours of a free trial, and it is a popular and good IPTV streaming service provider.

Is XCIPTV obtainable on Firestick?

Indeed, this XCIPTV application is not directly obtainable on Firestick’s app store. But you can get download the XCIPTV application on your Firestick through the File linked app via Downloader.

Techniques to Get XCIPTV for Firestick

You can try these upcoming techniques to get installed and watch the XCIPTV application on Firestick; they are

  • Download and Watch XCIPTV on Firestick via Downloader
  • Screencast XCIPTV on Firestick via Smart Phone
  • Cast XCIPTV on Firestick via PC

By utilizing these techniques, you can get the XCIPTV application on your Firestick.

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Techinque 1: Download and Watch XCIPTV on Firestick via Downloader

Through these underlying steps, you can download and watch the XCIPTV application via Downloader by using the File linked app.

Step1: Here, formerly bind up your Firestick device with TV and connect them to a valid source of Wi-Fi connection.

Step2: Then, head to the Settings tab of Firestick to get into My Fire TV, then intrude to the Developer option.

XCIPTV on firestick

Step3: Proceed to enable the ADB Debugging for unknown sources tab and head to Home of Firestick.

XCIPTV on firestick

Step4: Look for the Downloader app in the search section and move forward to the Dashboard of the Downloader app.

XCIPTV on firestick

Step5: Then, enter the https://file on the URL box of the Downloader app and select the GO tile.

Step6: Unfold the File Linked app.

Step7: After that, insert the app name as XCIPTV and download it on the Live TV apps.

XCIPTV on firestick

Step8: Now open the XCIPTV app and do its login process with its details on Firestick.

XCIPTV on firestick

Step9: Hence, you can now start to watch the XCIPTV’s contents on the Firestick device.

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Techinque 2: Screencast XCIPTV on Firestick through Smart Phone

Through these underlying steps, you can screencast the XCIPTV application on Firestick through SmartPhone (Android & iOS).

Step1: Initially, combine up your Firestick and phone to the same standard Wi-Fi connection.

Step2: Then get into the browser of your phone and look for XCIPTV’s official site.

Step3: Proceed to download the XCIPTV app for android or iOS and install it on your phone, then make sure to enable unknown sources.

Step4: Furthermore, you’ve to get into the XCIPTV app and do its sign-in process.

Step5: Besides, choose any video content on XCIPTV and select the cast or airplay option on your phone’s settings or control center.

XCIPTV on firestick

Step6: Then, long-press the home catch on Firestick remote and choose display mirroring to mirror XCIPTV’s contents.

XCIPTV for firestick

Step7: Use the Airscreen app on Firestick to turn on Airplay, then link your phone with Firestick.

XCIPTV for firestick

Step8: Moreover, combine up your phone and Firestick to get display the XCIPTV’s contents on Firestick’s screen.

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Techinque 3: Cast XCIPTV on Firestick through PC

Through these underlying steps, you can cast the XCIPTV application on Firestick through PC.

Step1: At first, connect your PC and Firestick with the same standard source of internet box.

Step2: Then, head to the search engine of your PC and hunt for XCIPTV’s site.

Step3: Download the XCIPTV app and install it on your PC’s app section, then do its login process.

XCIPTV for firestick

Step4: Besides, enter into the XCIPTV’s contents and choose the three-dotted tab and pick out the cast tile.

XCIPTV for firestick

Step5: Long press the Firestick remote’s home catch to pick out display mirroring and fuse up with the phone.

Step6: Connect up your phone and Firestick and start to stream XCIPTV’s contents on Firestick’s screen via PC.

Signing Off

Here, we are gonna sign off this article about the process to stream XCIPTV’s content through its app on the Firestick device. With the help of this article, you can easily get the solution to stream XCIPTV’s contents on Firestick. Therefore, we thank you for your visit to this article XCIPTV’s app on Firestick.