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How to Fix YouTube TV Not Working on Roku? [2022]

An error remains itself until you put effort into solving it. Congrats to the minds that made an effort to solve the YouTube TV not working on the Roku issue. Seemingly, YouTube TV is an online TV service provider to watch your favorite shows on popular TV channels.

The desired app is compatible with the most popular streaming platforms. Indeed, many Roku users have been experiencing issues with the YouTube TV app in recent times. Concerning that, the following article will give you a detailed guide about fixing YouTube TV Not Working on Roku error.

About YouTube TV

Simply put, YouTube TV is an online television provider in the United States. Indeed, it is the one-stop hub to watch live videos and on-demand content. Here you can explore and watch 100+ tv channels. It also includes three big broadcast networks The CW, Fox, and PBS.

In addition, YouTube TV is the first-hand presenting partner of the MLB World Series games and NBA Finals. Currently, it has over five million paid subscribers. The respective YouTube TV app is compatible with installation on the most popular streaming platforms.

Seemingly, it includes Roku, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Android, iOS, and much more. Further, the subscription to YouTube TV includes $64.99/month. For that, you can enjoy watching an extensive collection of various content from multiple categories.

Is YouTube TV available on Roku?

Yes, the YouTube TV app is directly available on the Roku Channel Store. So you can get the desired app free of cost. But of course, you will need a valid YouTube TV subscription to access your favorite content on Roku.

How to Fix YouTube TV Not Working on Roku issue?

Here you will get the reasons why the YouTube TV app malfunctions or stops working on your Roku device. Seemingly, Roku is a smart streaming device that supports installing multiple online apps, including YouTube TV. But what if the YouTube TV app stops working on your Roku device?

Well, the YouTube TV app stops working when the server is experiencing the downside or due to internet connection issues. In addition, there may be serious issues too. So, the following article will discuss the reasons and the simple ways to fix YouTube TV not working on the Roku issue.

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Fix 1: Check Internet Connection

As we have discussed above, YouTube TV is an online service that requires the internet to play content. Indeed, the respective app may stop working when it lacks the internet connection on your streaming device. So, the first thing that you have to ensure is the network connection on your Roku device. For that, you can navigate to the Network Settings on your Roku box or Roku TV and verify that your device is connected to an active internet connection. Hopefully, this may solve the YouTube TV not working on the Roku issue.

Fix 2: Restart your Roku device

The second method you can use is restarting your Roku device. Indeed, the YouTube TV app may be stopped working due to technical glitches on your streaming device. Seemingly, you can try solving that by restarting your Roku TV or Roku streaming box. Continue with the below-given steps to restart your device.

#1. Initially, navigate to the Settings menu on your Roku TV or streaming box.

#2. Choose System –> Restart.

#3. Click on the OK option to restart your Roku device.

Finally, open the YouTube TV app and check whether the issue is resolved.

Fix 3: Update the Roku device

The Roku devices are designed in a way to update themselves whenever the update is available. But it may go wrong sometimes. So your Roku device will stand outdated, and the YouTube TV app will find it hard to work on your device. At this point, the only option to fix this issue is to update your Roku device. So check out the below steps to update your Roku TV or Roku streaming box.

#1. Initially, Turn On your Roku device and navigate to the Settings menu.

#2. Then, choose System Settings –> System Update.

#3. Now click on the ‘Check Now option.

#4. If you found an update, click on the Download and Install option.

Once your Roku device is updated, open the YouTube TV app, and hopefully, the app must be working fine.

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Fix 4: Reinstall the YouTube TV app

Does the above method leave you in vain? If so, you can try this method. Apart from the streaming device, the issue may be with the YouTube TV app itself. In such a case, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of YouTube TV to fix the issue. Let’s get into the methods.

#1. Initially, navigate to the Apps section on your Roku device.

#2. Then, choose the YouTube TV app.

#3. Press the*symbol on your Roku TV remote.

#4. Now highlight and choose the Remove Channel option.

#5. Then, navigate to the Roku Channel Store.

#6. Search for the YouTube TV app.

#7. Click on the Add Channel option to install the YouTube TV app on your Roku device.

#8. Open the installed app and log in with your credentials to start using the app.

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Fix 5: Clear Cache on Roku

There may be chances for the YouTube TV app to stop working due to the cache stored on your device. Indeed, you can easily fix this issue by clearing the cached data on your Roku device. Let’s get into the primary procedure.

#1. First, Power On your Roku device and get control over your Roku remote.

#2. Press the Home button five times.

#3. Then, press the Up button once.

#4. Hit the Rewind button two times.

#5. Finally, click on the Fast Forward button two times.

That’s it, you are done with clearing the cache on your Roku streaming device. The process mentioned above also applies to Roku TV.

Fix 6: Check YouTube TV servers

The server issues with YouTube TV can be the primary reason for the respective issue. The developers may try adding new features, or the app may go through the development process. You can verify the server issues with the Downdetector website. If the server is down, you may have to wait until the servers reach the active state.

Fix 7: Factory Reset Roku device

The final method you can try is resetting your Roku device. Seemingly, glitches or virus invasion on your Roku may cause the YouTube TV not working issue. Continue with the steps given below to reset your Roku device.

#1. First, Turn On your Roku TV and move to the Settings panel.

#2. Then, navigate to the Advanced System Settings option.

#3. Choose the Factory Reset option.

#4. Now enter the Security Pin to initiate the resetting process.

Once the reset process is completed, install the YouTube TV app from the Roku Channel Store.


This is all to say about the simple guide to troubleshooting YouTube TV Not Working on Roku. The above article holds the simple and straightforward methods to troubleshoot the YouTube TV app. As a result of which you can solve the desired issue by yourself without the help of a technician. Refer to the above article for more details.