How to Install and Watch YouTube TV on PS5? [Updated]

PlayStation 5 (PS5) is the first home video game console to have a specific section for Media. You can access the Media stuff in the Media section. There are a lot of streaming services available on PlayStation 5. The streaming services include Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and so on. If you’re thinking about YouTube TV, then you are in the right spot. Most of us know about YouTube TV. From this guide, We will teach on how to get YouTube TV on PS5.

YouTube TV is the service launched on 27 February 2017, and this service is owned by Google and Alphabet Inc. YouTube TV‘s parent organization is YouTube. The stuff you can stream on YouTube TV is Live TV and on-demand content.

There are more than 85 Live Channels available on YouTube TV. The Add-Ons can be added to your package according to your choice. There are 15 Premium Add-Ons and one Sports Plus Add-On.

You need to pay $64.99/month for YouTube TV. You can get immense cloud-based DVR, 6 profiles per pay, and stream on 3 devices at a time. You’ll be charged for the Add-Ons you’ve chosen.

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Is YouTube TV on PS5?

YouTube TV is accessible for PlayStation 5 currently. So, it is available for PlayStation 5 this year. In this article, you’ll get the steps on how to get YouTube TV on PlayStation 5.

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How to Install YouTube TV on PS5?

This procedure will help you to install YouTube TV on PlayStation 5.

Step1: Connect your TV with your PlayStation 5. Turn them on. Turn ON your PS5 internet connection.

Step2: Click the Media section on the PS5 home page.

YouTube TV on PS5

Step3: Choose the All Apps icon and click on the Magnifying Glass icon on your PlayStation 5.

YouTube TV on PS5

Step4: Search for YouTube TV and select it from the results.

YouTube TV on PS5

Step5: Now tap on the Download option on your PlayStation 5.

Step6: After installing the YouTube TV app on your PlayStation 5, launch and open it.

Step7: Login to YouTube TV with your credentials on your PlayStation 5 and start streaming your favorites on your PlayStation 5 connected TV.

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Final Words

YouTube TV is a service for binge-watching your favorite Live or On-demand content. So you don’t need to pay separately for cable and online services. From the above-given methods, you can watch YouTube TV on PS5 easily. This article will definitely help you to watch your favorite YouTube TV content.

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